Mad Rock Café , 723 Water Street ,Bay Roberts , NL

I have missed this place. The Mad Rock Café, located in the east end of Bay Roberts is a treasure in my back yard. It is a charming little café filled with character. The room is small, rustic and filled with the aroma of home cooked food. One would never think that a restaurant in such a remote location would be able to sustain itself 12 months of the year, but it does. That is an indication of the product and service you get. Locals and tourists really like this place, and I do too.

The menu is written on the wall for all to see using chalk. It adds to the appeal of the café. You can also see Betty and Graham preparing your food. You get a feeling you are actually eating in their home. They greet you with a smile and friendly conversation. Swift service ensures you have a hot cup of coffee or tea in minutes . The menu screams comfort food: soups, baked beans, home made toutons and fishcakes, just to name a few.

I am a omelette type of guy, and this is my kind of omelette!!

The Food

I ordered the omelette which comes with hash-browns and home made toast. The omelette was prepared the way I like it: not beaten too much, a little crisp around the edges and cheese, nothing complicated, just good food. I really didn’t need the the potato as the toast was thick and flavourful with that crunch I was looking for. BUT!!! I did eat and enjoy them of course.

The Review

High Points

  • Clean, Inviting
  • Family owned and operated
  • Home Cooked comfort food
  • Did I mention they are touton champions?!!! Oh yes!!

Low Points (or in this case ,observations)

  • No low points. A charming place to visit (don’t forget to visit the Three Sisters and Mad Rocks just a little further down the road)

Food Review

4.5 out of 5 for breakfast/brunch review

Price point

$$$ out of $$$$$

Omelette with hash-browns and home made toast and apple juice approx $ 22.00

Special thank you to outgoing Mayor Philip Wood for taking our team out for breakfast. It was indeed appreciated.

Mad Rock Café is a gem, a tourist draw and legit family establishment that is “off the eaten path” but worth discovering.