Five Guys Burgers and Fries 48 Kenmount Rd. St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

I have a friend who absolutely loves a good burger. I could remember him telling me “the next time you travel to Florida, you have to check out Five Guys”. I too like a good burger, but we have not been planning on going south anytime soon regrettably, SO, when the announcement was made that Five Guys was coming to St. John’s I added the burger place on my list. .

Although the burger joint was on my list, it was about a year and a half before I got to visit. Every time I attempted to visit, there was too much of a crowd for me , so I remained patient and waited for MY time to visit. That specific time happened the last week of November , while getting some early Christmas shopping done.
The first thing I noticed when entering the restaurant was the smell. I inhaled in deeply, the aroma of the freshly cooked beef filled the air. I was off to a good start, but, while looking at the menu, including the toppings, I was a little unsure what I wanted as this was my first visit. My server, Caitlin, was very helpful. I decided on the Bacon and Cheese burger with “All The Way” toppings. Apparently I was going “All In”! Cheese, lettuce , onion, tomato, bacon, pickles , mayo, ketchup, and two patties!! OMG!

It was great to see the ingredients in full view including their potatoes sourced from Prince Edward Island!!

It was very nice to see Five Guys acknowledge and utilize positive promotion about the Burger Chain. The reviews speak for themselves and is great for self promotion.

Now back to my order. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the bag to see the order. The burger was huge and the amount of fries was outrageous. The was a full cup of house cut PEI fries! When I took out the burger, the bag was quarter full with more fries. By the way, the fries were delicious, twice fried pieces of goodness. The burger pictures below speak for themselves. I wanted to show you all the enormity of toppings, all very fresh. There was no skimping, plenty of lettuce, and thick tomatoes and pickles. (notice the “five” pickles? yum!) There were no translucent, symbolic vegetable offerings here. It was a small salad in this burger. The beef and bacon married the flavors of this hearty meal ‘ it was hard to get my mouth around it, but I did!!.

The Review

High Points

  • Place was clean
  • Smelled fantastic
  • The kitchen ran like a well oiled machine, and everyone was upbeat and courteous
  • Server (Caitlin) was very friendly and helpful
  • Burger patties were cooked to perfection, nice and juicy
  • Freshest toppings and plenty of them to choose from
  • The transparency of all products used was appreciated
  • Home fries, not frozen, were delish

Low Points

  • I had no low points during this visit

Food Review

One of the best burgers I have eaten at a restaurant, especially in burger joints in Newfoundland. Fresh is best.

4.6 out of 5 for mid afternoon snack

Price point

$$$ out of $$$$$

Double Cheese Burger
Fries and Pop $ 24 and change

Well worth it for the size, taste, and ingredients of the burger and fries.