About, Ron Delaney!

ron toutons

Making Toutons in the Red Fisherman’s Shed, Bay Roberts , Newfoundland and Labrador

Firstly, I am not a chef, I do not claim to be one. But, I am a person who has been cooking for my family, friends and the public for over 25 years. My blog is dedicated to the people and places that showcase good, unpretentious , comfort food in Canada and the United States. My professional background is in the event and tourism industry , I take great interest in culinary tourism and finding a authentic experience both tourist and locals expect ! Join me as I travel to find wonderful hidden treasures as well as cutting edge restaurants around North America!

My Rant
There is one thing I need to make clear. I will not stomp on those who give their career to food, I was told that if I can’t say something good about people it is better to say nothing. As a result, I leave out the reviews I could make negative comments on, as an alternative, I contact the restaurant owner via e-mail privately (if I feel there is a need).  My reviews and writings celebrate food and to applaud those who are doing  it right!!

On this blog site I will also introduce you to some of my food creations with recipes and plenty of pictures!

I love hearing from you guys about your experiences so if inclined drop me a line. ron_delaney@icloud.com




10 thoughts on “About, Ron Delaney!

  1. hey ronnie hows things the food looks great but not my choice now one time it was but i eat all healthy food just wondering if any off these places serve food that is not deepfried or covered with salty sauces there dont seem to be many places to go around here that the food is not loaded with salt or fat and greese anyway talk later

    • Hi Billy,
      Great to hear from you, the last time I saw you and Joan I hardly knew you, you both look amazing!! (not that your didn’t before).

      In rural Newfoundland it is difficult to find food that not deep fried, espedcially in the fast food restaurants. Some of the restaurants have the acknowledged the need of the public who are looking for food that suits their lifestyle. For chain restso’s Jungle Jims has a healthy food menu called “Slim Jim” most of the food there is less than 500 calories (calories are listed on the menu, not sure about the fat and salt conteent, but more of the items are grilled or baked) here is the link so you can take a look http://www.junglejims.ca/ca/menu?category=7

      The Klondyke Steakhouse on waterstreet Bay Roberts also caters to ditary needs and they cook from scratch so you should have no problem ordering something healthy there.

      Thats a couple suggestions, if hope it helps.

      If on the road, Chucky’s Seafood and Wild Game Restaurant in Happy Adventure has some amazing food on thier menu that is not processed so salt should not be a issue.

      Take care and have a great Christmas, I have many wonderful memories of spending time at your house during christmas.


  2. Ron – have you ever tried Brown’s restaurant in Whiteway? The food is amazing an everything is made from scratch! Thought of you as I was eating!

    • Hi Annette,

      I have visited there a couple years back and have to say I enjoyed their food and was impressed with the selection. I will have to visit again and blog about it!!

  3. Ronnie,

    “Come Dine With Me”, W Networks number one dinner party competition series is headed to Newfoundland and is currently looking for cooking enthusiasts . It’s a really exciting experience and an amazing fit for anyone looking to show off their cooking skills.

    The show puts 5 strangers together for a series of 5 dinner parties. Each host has a chance to cook, wine and dine the others. It’s a week long shoot and the winner walks away with the title of “Host With The Most” and a cash prize.

    If you or your blog members/friends are excited about this we’d love to hear from you.
    You can contact us at comedinewithme@propertelevision.com

    Thanks for your time,

    Dean Hennings
    Come Dine With Me Canada // Proper Television
    409 King Street West, Suite 201
    Toronto, ON
    M5V 1K1

  4. Hi Ron,

    I work for the site Canadiandishes.com where users can search through tens of thousands of recipes from Canadian food sites and blogs.

    We’ve noticed that you have a lot of tasty, original recipes on your blog and would like to suggest that you have a look at our Top Food Blogs section, which you can find here: http://www.canadiandishes.com/top-food-blogs.

    We are already active in the US, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, among others. Would you like to join us and add your food blog to the list? All you have to do is follow these instructions: http://www.canadiandishes.com/add-your-food-blog.

    Hoping to see you with us soon!

    Warmest regards,

  5. Just read your post about the proposed community garden for Bay Roberts. Our group, which is identifying and then raising and distributing seed for true breeding and heritage varieties of vegetables, grains, flowers and herbs that do well in our Newfoundland climate, supports community gardens wherever and however we can. Email us (through our website) and we will be happy to donate packets of our best seed to support this project. – Dan Rubin, Perfectly Perennial Herbs and Seeds http://www.perfectlyperennial.ca

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