STONE JUG Historical Restaurant & Theatre, 232 Water St, Carbonear , NL

I have had a love for this building for a long time, long before it was the Stone Jug. In the day, the bottom portion was a brew pub, far ahead of its time, it was a venue for many of the elite Celtic community including Fergus O’Byrne and D’Arcy Broderick , thank God it was rescued. The majestic building had an amazing restoration, it is a historic and cultural landmark now, hosting many musical and cultural events.

I finally had an opportunity to tour this facility and embrace its wonder this November.


It was a dreary Friday evening, lightly falling rain and fog that made the Stone Jug even more welcoming. The event we were attending was on the third floor, so this was a wonderful opportunity to see the whole venue. I should have taken a few shots of the architecture, the stone and wood beams are simply beautiful. The second and third floors are perfect for various events. I had an opportunity to try some of small bites , the beef sliders were tasty and I was particularly impressed with the wings, nice and juicey and not deep fried.

After the event I decided to go down to the first floor, music was about to start and there were a couple seats at the bar. Continue reading