In Search of the Best Hot and Sour Soup across the Island Portion of Newfoundland and Labrador

Hot and Sour soup, one of My favorites of all time!! I am not sure if there is a right or wrong way to make it. There are so many variations , some are obviously simple in their execution and the final product is evident , a soup with maybe one or two bold flavors but not complex.  There are others that have deep  flavors , some of the ingredients not indigenous to our province but are welcomed such as bamboo shoots, tree fungus, eggs, tofu, pork, mini shrimp , sesame oil, chilli flakes etc.

I love a hot and sour soup that by the mere smell of it makes your taste buds tingle . This blog touches on some of my findings during my travels in rural Newfoundland and Labrador.

Not all the soups hit the mark with me, I am not saying they were bad, but did not represent a proper hot and sour soup to me. They were all were tasty in their own way just some better than others. There were other H and S Soup I could of added to this list, but as I say in my bio, “if I can’t say something good about it, then I won’t write about it”.

If you have a favorite resto that makes amazing Hot and Sour Soup drop me a line and I would love to visit and experience!!

Aug 2015 138

Uncle Lee’s in Clarenville was my second pick for the best Hot and Sour Soup in Newfoundland. The texture, choice of ingredients and the complexity of the broth did indeed make my taste buds tingle. It had decent heat, the crunch of the carrot and the silkiness of the tofu with a finishing splash of vinegar made this soup a hit with me.





Jiwen Garden , Corner Brook, my third pick. The Hot and Sour Soup was rich and tangy!! There was a depth of flavor that I was anticipating. The soupy thickness  helped carry the flavors of the veg, tofu, tree fungus , I think there was a little ginger in there too (would recommend)


New Garden Corner Brook, good but too tangy and not what I was looking for. It kind of resembled a egg drop soup ramped up with a tang and chicken




Kylin Restaurant Hr. Grace, I guess it was hot and was a little sour, but it was the first time I had it with a tomato flavor. Plenty of peppers, onions and I think chicken, the rest of the flavors came from the broth. I would order it again, because I love broth with a ketchup flavor.




Mandarin Restaurant Spaniard’s Bay. Thick, flavorful, spicy, tangy but with a underlying depth of flavor that sets it apart from all the other soups in this blog. The chilli flakes, sesame oil, egg whisked through, tree fungus, tofu and veg blended to make this my first pick for the best Hot and Sour Soup in rural Newfoundland.



Crooked Phil’s, Carbonear  my review is in the “micro reviews” section. lets just say it was worth the drive!





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