Restaurant Survival during the Covid-19 Outbreak

I sit here looking out my window , contemplating life and what is happening to us. Uncertainty , semi-panic, precaution , hand washing, kitchen scrubbing and self isolating are all in our minds. All rightfully so, we are trying to find our way during a difficult time.

Access to food is paramount on many levels, grocery stores, corner stores, deli’s and restaurants are all helping. Delivery is a major option that is helping those who have no choice but stay home. It also allows people the opportunity to have amazing food delivered and taken out. I know there are many who have decided to stay open and those who have closed. I simply can’t mention all in this blog but I will mention as many who are proactive and I consider friends of mine. Please note, I do not get any financial endorsement from these establishments , I just appreciate them and support them.

I begin with Chinched, this place has amazing takeout and deli items on Bates Hill. Please check them out. (Please note, menu’s are subject to change, check with each restaurant)90057937_2981164651904918_1880264947645022208_o


My friend Todd Perrin has kicked it up a notch and have offered various meats and gourmet food for pick-up. It is simply awesome and ready for everyone, please support.


A wonderful combination, Waterwest, Chinched and Piatto….wicked…please support and enjoy their offerings.


Route 66 Diner in Carbonear, Pauline and Chef Lujan are ensuring there is a restaurant that has amazing accessible food for all during this difficult time.


Powell’s Supermarket in Bay Roberts offers wicked pizza’s and home cooked food for pick-up.


Mad Rock Cafe is open and ready to serve you during this difficult time. Limited space but are ready to serve you. They have some of the best baked beans and fishcakes in the world!!

Please support our restaurants and deli’s, , they are all amazing and worth the drive, just be careful and keep safe during this pandemic .