Hot Belly Mama’s Peterborough Ontario

Hot Belly Mama’s
380 George Street North, Peterborough, ON

During my visit to beautiful Peterborough, Ontario during a conference, I took the time out with some friends and colleagues to visit some of the amazing restaurants this city has to offer. It was evident this was a popular place to eat as it took us two attempts to get a table large enough for our group. The second evening we did book ahead to ensure we would not be disappointed. The room was inviting and nicely decorated , I felt comfortable and was ready to sample an assortment of southern foods here in Canada.

I had the opportunity to travel to South Carolina last year and took full advantage of sampling all the south had to offer. My goal for my evening in Peterborough was to compare flavors and presentation with that of the Charleston Region.

I started the evening with two appetizers, Gumbo Soup and Hush Puppies. The Gumbo Soup was thick and rich, very flavorful, very much a comfort food; I enjoyed the flavor profile immensely. The Gumbo had a kick to it which I appreciated.

Gumbo Soup
The Hush Puppies have a history of distraction with early Southern American culture, but I have to admit I was not distracted with the flavor, I will point out that if you are not a total fan of cumin then you should select another starter. I thought they were tasty and worth sharing with my friends at the table.

Hush Puppies

For the main I wanted to taste a true southern flavor, catfish, I was not disappointed. The rice had a depth great depth of flavor; the potatoes complimented the dish very well. But the star of the plate was the catfish. It was cooked to perfection and for me, it was a treat. The catfish was certainly a dish that I would recommend to anyone.

Catfish - True Southern Flavor

Catfish – True Southern Flavor

My experience was a good one, they handled our large group with ease, everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

  • High Points for food prepared Southern Style (authentic)
  • Low points for nothing other than the server needs a steady hand for serving a soup appetizer like gumbo.
  • I give Hot Belly Mamas 8 stars out of 10

I would like to give a shout out to the gang at Porch and Pint in Peterborough, one of the friendliest local pubs in Canada. We were welcomed from the moment we entered the small establishment and it was appreciated.