Split Rock Brewing Co. 119 Main Street, Twillingate, NL, Canada

Craft breweries are popping up everywhere in Newfoundland, and that is a good thing! So many delicious beers to be sampled , the brewmasters are very creative. I love some of the creative names on the beers, Split Rock Brewing Co. in Twillingate was no exception. The list of beer names included : Razzin’ Around, Raspberry Wheat Ale, Nar Day APA and my favourite Skipper D’s IPA 6.7% (pictured above). This beer was crisp, had a nice bitterness to it and very refreshing after a wonderful boat tour with Twillingate Adventures Tours.
The IPA was deep and rich in flavour and had a slight citrus finish to it.

As good as the beer was I needed a munchie and Split Rocks’ Stage Head Pub did not disappoint! I was happy to see that the food was actually made in house. The onion rings (Red Sky Onion Rings) were delightful, crispy with a thin batter, almost like tempura batter, this made the onion ring light and allowed the flavour of the red onion to shine through. They paired well with my Skipper D’s IPA.

We also ordered onion nuggets (not sure what they are called on the menu) but they too were yummy. The addition of some herbs gave the onion a deeper flavour. The pub did have other options on the menu such as burgers and fish and chip but we were there for an afternoon beer and a pub munchie.

High Points

  • Location Location!! The pub and brewery over look the Atlantic Ocean, we were able to watch boats come and go while eating and drinking on the deck.
  • Friendly servers
  • Clean and neat
  • House made food
  • Beer was delish

Low Points

  • The only low point as that the beer is not available in NLC locations currently. On the positive side , I have to visit Twillingate again to get some!

Pub Food Review

4.2 out of 5

Pub Beer Review

4.6 out of 5

Price point

$$$ out of $$$$$

4 beer, onion rings and onion nuggets approx 60.00 tax and tip inc.