Bonavista Social Club,Longshore Road, Upper Amherst Cove, NL

Bonavista Social Club,Longshore Road, Upper Amherst Cove, NL

Well it is finally spring in Newfoundland , at least in terms of on the calendar. Although generally we have a winter like start to the season , you can sense spring is in the air . Some green grass is peeking out, buds are forming on the trees and seasonal restaurants are busy planning their annual opening.

I visited the Bonavista Peninsula late summer last year, this region is a “must visit” destination for everyone, there is so much to see and do, especially eat. Although my visit was last year, by the time I had the opportunity to write a blog about my experience it was September and the season was almost over, so I decided to write my notes and save it for the spring.

I ate at some wonderful restaurants during my visit, but I did have one restaurant that had been on my bucket list for a few years now, the Bonavista Social Club in Upper Amherst Cove. Continue reading