Mifflin’s Tea Room 21 Church Street, Bonavista


Late last summer my wife, son and I finally had the opportunity to visit the Bonavista Peninsula on summer vacation (our daughter had to work, she was not impressed as she really wanted to come with us). Of course everyone has been hearing good things about this region of the province. The restorations, restaurants, quaint little shops, boutiques, accommodations, and of course the coast line are all reasons to visit. We had the opportunity to visit many of these places during our visit. Our first destination was the historic town of Bonavista, very much a walkable town, and a treasure trove of history. So many historical assets in one community; it made this location a great place to have your home base while exploring the entire peninsula.
We stayed at the Harbour Quarters Inn which is on the waterfront and in the middle of everything Bonavista has to offer. Our room was neat and clean. I was relieved there was an elevator as we did have a lot of luggage. Our room was street side but I am sure if you book ahead, a room overlooking the water will be waiting for you. The inn has a restaurant with deck overlooking the harbour. It was nice to return and have a bite and sit on the deck and listen to some music as the sun set.


I was very pleased with the selection of restaurants, tea rooms and pubs. After a long day of discovering, it was nice to know there were some nice places to unwind.

In a effort to ensure I do not mislead the reader, it was a hit or a miss on some of the places to eat. Most negative issues centered around not being prepared (low on staff during peak times). Patrons should not have to wait their own tables during lunch service, but did happen. Another place had a “stew” on the menu, but the server recommended I order a gravy with it “because it was thick”, lets just say I did need all of the extra gravy. I am not sure why not just add the gravy or sauce to the stew in stead of charging extra for what was desperately needed. Having said that, when both were mixed together, it tasted nice.

Mifflin’s Tea Room

Mifflin’s Tea Room was a nice find, an inviting building with a nice outdoor area to people watch. It was late morning but still a little cool, although we still decided to sit outdoors. Before making our way outside we had to have a look at all the vintage tea cups, saucers and tea pots.  I could not wait to get started!  First up was a nice cup or orange pekoe tea, served in a small pot and kept warm with a candle. The cup and saucer reminded me of  having tea, as a child,  with mom and my grandmother. Back then, mom would pour the tea in the saucer to cool it off and make it easier to drink. I loved it!

It was late breakfast time but also getting close to lunch.  Although my wife and son had the breakfast, I decided I would try the French Onion Soup.


My son Kaegan had the baked beans, toutons, and fried bologna. Thumbs up from him!!


My wife Lisa had the standard bacon and eggs with a touton ( A touton is fried dough and is awesome, especially with a some molasses drizzled over the top!! )


The French Onion Soup looked great and tasted great. The broth was robust in flavour; it gave me that little tingle behind my jaw bone, which is a good thing. Finally, a nice onion soup on the road! The cheese and croutons were not oily or soggy; it gave the bowl a nice balance. My only negative comment would be that I was left wanting more broth; you can see by the picture that there was room for additional broth.

Mifflin’s Tea Room is charming and has character. It is not pretentious; it’s a wonderful place to slow down and enjoy.

My review condensed

High Points

-Server was friendly and prompt
-Clean and charming
-A somewhat sheltered outdoor eating area, great for people watching
-Very affordable for brunch
-Tea served in a old fashioned cup and saucer was a real treat

Low Points

-Not really a low point but a suggestion: the outside area is lovely, but could do with an updating. Some tables had plastic table cloths and some did not, it just seemed a little more attention could be considered for the outside.
Price $$$ out of $$$$$ 45.00 approx. plus tax. (3 persons)
Points for a brunch experience 4 out of 5

I am looking forward to returning!!