Cabin Six Restaurant, 18 Trinity Drive, Milton, Clarenville NL

Sometimes you have to just hop in your car and drive and explore our wonderful province. A couple weeks back I did just that, I drove to Clarenville for some pizza at Cabin Six in Milton!

Cabin Six pizza has been on my bucket list since Chef Darren Reid started banging out Za’s at the Clarenville Market. Unfortunately Darens trailer was stolen , his business was literally stolen from him which is so sad. That bad event opened the door for a rebirth so to speak as he opened up a pizza restaurant in the Milton Inn.

These pizza’s are cooked at at very high heat and only take a few minutes. I like a standard pepperoni and cheese Za so I ordered that and the spinach and artichoke Za for my wife to bring home to her. The pies were baked in no time and looked fantastic and had a nice balance of flavour between the house made dough and sauce .
The crust had a nice chew to it and very little flop, with no grease which is a good thing. The spinach and artichoke Za had a huge depth of flavour with the goat cheese , olives, and spinach, it also had a nice chew.
The Bearded Chef Darren Reid in the kitchen making some amazing pies. Cabin Six is about a 90 minute drive for me and these pizza’s are worth the drive. There is even an apple cider brewery seconds away to pair with your pie.
The Newfoundland Craft Cider Company was a nice find and the cider was delish!!!

High Points

  • Rustic location
  • Clean and inviting
  • Open Concept kitchen was nice, I like to watch the pizza’s getting made
  • Art gallery upstairs was a bonus
  • Fresh well made pizza

Low Points

  • No low points 

Food Review

4.6 out of 5

Price point

$$$ out of $$$$$

1 Pepperoni and Cheese and 1 Artichoke and Spinach pizza $30.00