With summer coming on I turn my attention to Culinary Tourism in NL , here is a blog I wrote last fall on the topic

Just a Foodie

Music, culture and heritage are a huge reason people come to our province, but they also come for the hospitality, kindness and character of this rugged province. They also come for the emerging attractions of adventure and geo-tourism; all these help make use unique and desirable.

One linking factor in our endeavour to present our province to the world – FOOD.   Whether they come for it or it is a tertiary reason for the visit, everyone must eat. We have a unique mix of cultures that dates back hundreds of years; most are influenced by English, Irish and French culinary heritage.

Although we have had a major connection to the sea, we have been less adventurous in our pursuit to promote the food that has been harvested from our sea and our land. We do hang our hats on some recipes such as Fish and Brewis , Fish Cakes as…

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