Nan’s Kitchen, 160 Conception Bay Hwy, Bay Roberts (In Powell’s Supermarket)

Our family have been supporting many restaurants during these pandemic times (mostly takeout).  I have reviewed some when time permitted, to date we have had Chinese, Canadian, Newfoundland and Italian pizza!! I am happy to say that one of the best pizza’s in the province is made right here in Bay Roberts NL at Nans Kitchen in the Powells Supermarket !


Nan’s Kitchen Pizza’s are not commercial dough, sauce or ingredients. All fresh and house made ,they have worked on the dough recipe until they got it to a high standard, you can taste the complexity. It is not doughy , it is somewhat more thin than most pizza’s in the province but can hold up to the toppings, it do have a semi flop, and that is a good thing. The dough blends very well with the house made sauce , it is light and not acidic , you can actually taste the craftsmanship in this pie. Some of these pictures speak for themselves


There are plenty of pizza’s available, built in front of you , and I was impressed with the prices.


Nan’s Kitchen garlic bread is also very tasty, plenty for the whole family. The cheese blend and the crispy crust are a great accompaniment to a nice pepperoni pizza.


On another occasion I picked up a pie for the family, my wife likes the vegetarian pizza, so we split the pizza and again we were all very pleased .



If you are watching your carbs Nan’s Kitchen has an amazing cauliflower pizza crust. They are personal sized so the one pictured here was my pepperoni and cheese with banana peppers for a tangy mildly spicy kick to the pie. I have to say the pie is rich and robust in flavour . I only ate half of it and kept the rest for later.

High Points

  • Pizza is handcrafted on site
  • Original dough and sauce
  • Clean and lots of space for social distancing
  • Friendly and confident pizza makers and staff in general
  • Pizza’s are cooked in a stone oven with high heat so waiting time is only minutes (unless there are many orders ahead of yours of course)

Low Points

  • No low points actually, only a suggestion when you take out a pizza that is cooked at extremely high heat. When you receive your pizza open the lid so the heat can escape somewhat, if not your pizza will partially steam itself during transit and cause a larger than normal flop and will change the consistency. The pizza will not lose its temperature too much. (most people let the pizza cool a bit before eating anyway.)

For takeout pizza I give Nan’s Kitchen a 4.7 out of 5 

Extra Large pizza and garlic fingers approx 28.00 (their house special)

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