Route 66 (Take Out Review) 180 Water Street Carbonear, NL

In these uncertain times we all find comfort in various things , like music , working on a jigsaw puzzle, a good book, a long soak in the tub and of course food. I have been cooking up a storm during this pandemic, those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram probably have seen some of the pictures and recipes. Cooking is one of my sources of comfort for sure, but I do like supporting those in the restaurant industry , especially now. Although we can not sit and have the full experience in a restaurant, we can use takeout. Local restaurants need our support more than ever. In our house we decided that once a week we will order take out, I get a night off from cooking, and we get a treat. The first restaurant we ordered takeout was Route 66 in Carbonear, btw it is ok to visit other communities and support them! As you can see in the picture that I took last year this is an amazing place to sit, have a drink and have something to eat. We had to settle for take out, and it was delish!!



Social media is wonderful, when I read on Facebook they were having Hot and Sour Soup as part of a Chinese Night I had to have it. I ordered our food through Facebook Messenger (thanks Pauline), very easy to do. I also let Ian Flynn know as he is also a Hot and Sour lover. That paid off for me as he offered to pic up my order too!! (thanks Ian!)


The Hot and Sour soup was delicious , it had many layers of flavour. The bbq pork helped flavour the thick broth, the mushrooms, egg, green onions all blended together to make a bowl of goodness. If you like a good kick of spice ask of some extra chilli oil , it really added to the taste and heat!! I ordered two bowls for me YUM!


Next was the Mongolian Beef, it had loads of pepper and onions. The beef was nice and tender, the sauce was a little thin but did stick to the beef nicely.


Now this is not the best picture, but trust me, it tasted good (my fault as I made it messy transferring it to a plate). Chef Lu did a great job on the rice, chicken balls were nice, the next time I order I will ask for the sauce to be on the side.

Route 66 Take Out High Points

– Communication via Facebook was super easy
– Loved the Hot and Sour Soup

They now have Chinese Food on their menu Wednesdays and Saturdays , as well as there normal food offerings. So please support local where ever you like. We decided Friday evenings is our take out day, it is something to look forward to.

Low Points

No low points

Price $$$ out of $$$$$  $66.00 tax and gratuity included (fed 4 people, which is great value)
Points for a evening experience 4.0 out of 5 for Take Out

Tip: When ordering take out during this pandemic we take the food out of the containers, throw them out, wash and sanitize the counter, then our hands and enjoy. Please be safe and hang in there.