Waterwest Kitchen and Meats 720 Water St, St. John’s

My wife and I love a good brunch. It doesn’t have to be huge and complex but it does have to be comforting and made from scratch, if at all possible. On a wet Sunday morning, we checked out of the hotel with one thing on our mind, brunch!! I have been wanting to visit a relatively new restaurant on the west side of Water Street aptly named Waterwest Kitchen and Meats.

I love an open concept kitchen as well as comfortable seating!!

There were a few reasons why I wanted to to visit Waterwest. Obviously for the brunch, but I was curious to see all the house made products this resto and meat shop were producing. There was a lot to take in, plenty of creations, my eyes kept surveying the cases. Meats, cheese, pastas, sauces, condiments galore, all ready to take home. Actually, this place is a mini market/deli too; there is no problem to take home a gourmet, hand made meal.

A picture can tell a thousand words!!

Fresh house made pasta in an assortment of shapes and sizes looked impressive.

Ready made meals at your fingertips

Back to the brunch! We were greeted with a smile and were shown to our table. The room is not large, but comfortable with an open concept kitchen, separate bar area, and padded booth seating an option. In pandemic times, the brunch menu is limited but still enough that I had to order two brunch offerings to review.

Sausage rolls!!

I ordered the sausage roll. The sausage made is in the meat shop and wrapped in a flakey pastry. It has a slight crisp and the sausage was firm and savoury. The honey mustard dip added a wonderful flavour kick. The greens were a welcomed addition to the dish, light and refreshing between bites of the sausage.

Quiche goodness!! This picture tells it all!!

One of the quintessential brunch foods, in my opinion, is quiche. It was firm and had balanced flavour and texture. The crust was light and tasty. The caramelized onion, peppers, and cheese was simply delicious .

My wife had the breakfast sandwich. She loved it and I have to say it looked awesome. It was not your average English Muffin.
Of course, we had to buy some of the mustards, very tasty .
We stopped by the downstairs meat shop to have a look!!!

The meat cooler was packed with amazing protein delights, from marinated chicken, roasts, fresh bacon, ribs, pork chops, stuffed mushrooms and sausages, just to name a few.

We were getting ready to go on a trip to Twillingate; so, we picked up a few items to take with us. We already had the mustards, so we purchased some bacon and sausage. I loved that the meats were wrapped the traditional way.

Waterwest sausage and mustard in Twillingate NL, with 20+ degrees and sun sitting outside, was awesome.

I know of only one other place in St. John’s offering fresh locally sourced and house made protein and foods to eat in house or take home, Chinched. I have to revisit. Last time I was there I took crappy pictures so could not do a review.

My review of Waterwest and Meats

High Points

  • Covid protocols were maintained, plenty of space .
  • Hostess friendly – thanks Bridget!!
  • Very clean
  • Very unique, full-service meat shop, deli and restaurant
  • Washrooms were super clean
  • The assortment of locally made foods for purchase rivals any supermarket in the province.
  • St. John’s is fortunate to have forward thinkers like Todd Perrin and Shaun Hussey (Chinched) (and teams)

Low Points

  • No low points 

Food Review

4.6 out of 5

Price point

Coffee, tea, breakfast sandwich, quiche, sausage roll and 2 mustards $ 48.30 tax included

$$$ 1/2 out of $$$$$ Well worth the visit!