Bo Jo’s Cantonese Restaurant 1 Chapel Hill Rd, Deer Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador

I have been writing a continuous blog post about Hot and Sour Soup for a couple years now and enjoy discovering places that serve this flavourful delicacy.  I have had the very good, good, the ok, and the bad. Most of the bad thought it was a good idea to add tomato broth to their offering, an ultimate fail in my opinion.
When I found out I had to travel across our province of Newfoundland I started researching ( with excitement) places I could visit to add to my hot and sour tasting experiences.

I always use Tripadvisor to start my research, and in doing so the search pointed me in the direction of Bo Jo’s Restaurant Deer Lake NL. I could not find their menu so decided to message them to ask for it, in minutes I got a reply with a picture of the menu . I was delighted to see that they did serve the soup. So first place was charted for my first day in Deer Lake.


This Hot and Sour Soup had a nice deep rich flavour.

I arrived after dinner service, around 8:15 pm, I had the place to myself at this point, which I did not mind. The hostess was very polite and figured out it was me who asked for a menu on Facebook and commented about their soup the previous evening.

The Soup!!

Of course I ordered  the Hot and Sour Soup immediately , it was the reason I was there!! Within 20 minutes the hot soup arrived, I always smell my food before tasting, I enjoyed the aroma of the broth, especially the vinegar , I knew I was in for a treat.
The vinegar was sharp but balanced by the rich broth, onion, pork and shrimp. The texture was delightful, not thin nor to thick, it lingered in your mouth and made your taste buds tingle. All the elements of authentic hot and sour soup were there including the wood ear fungus , egg and bamboo shoots . When I return later this week to get it taken out to bring home I will ask for it to be a little spicier.


Another one of my favourites to order at a Chinese Restaurant is General Tao’s Chicken. This sweet and savoury dish is breaded chicken with a kick. Bo Jo’s offering was tasty but not as spicy as most I have had. This is not a negative comment as I am sure I could of asked to spice it up as I have done in other restaurants. I did like the balance of the sauce with the crispiness of the batter.


Bo Jo’s Fried rice, light but flavourful. The pork and shrimp pieces that was stir fried throughout elevated the rice dish, nothing overwhelmed , but a nice balance. The rice paired perfectly with the General Tao’s Chicken.

High Points

  • Clean and inviting
  • Friendly and attentive hostess
  • Fast service
  • One of the best General Tao’s Chicken dishes I have had in some time
  • Not far from the hotel (Holiday Inn Express)

Low Points

I did not have a low point

Price point

Dinner service $$$ out of $$$$$

$50.00 tip and tax included – ordered full sharing dishes of the General Tao’s Chicken and fried rice so had plenty left over.

This place is worth a visit while visiting the west coast of our amazing province.