Moxie’s Grill and Bar, 227 Kenmount Rd, St. John’s

A couple of weeks ago, I had an opportunity to stay at the Sandman Signature Hotel. I have to say I was impressed with this newly opened accommodation. I liked the room, very convenient with a little kitchen, living room and separate bedroom. Although I did not get a chance to utilize more of what the hotel had to offer, like pool, hot tub, and exercise room, I did get a chance to visit one of the restaurants, twice!! The Sandman has two restaurants on site, Moxie’s Grill and Bar and Denny’s. I did not get a chance to visit Denny’s this trip but was excited to hear it is open 24 hours.
After being on my feet for a trade show all day, all I wanted to do when getting back to the hotel was to relax and have a nice meal. Having a choice of a restaurants in the hotel saved me the trouble of going outside.

I had a table booked through Open Table. I love using this app to book hotels while on the road.  The seating time was 9:15 pm so most of the dinner rush was over and there was a laid back vibe about the room when we arrived . Moxie’s is a large restaurant but the layout and decor was inviting and trendy.


I have been to plenty of larger sized restaurants and found most had music that was too loud , almost intrusive. That was not the case at Moxie’s. The music selection was excellent; my daughter especially liked the “current” selections. Being the first time I have visited, I was non stop surveying the room. I particularly liked the wall decor and lighting and the way it was used.


There was a huge selection of brew on tap as well as speciality drinks . I enjoyed the house amber; it was crisp and not heavy. My wife had a small jug of sangria with plenty of muddled fruit.


I was in the mood for something different. I wanted big , bold flavours and heat, and that is just what I got with Red Thai Curry.  As an add on, I ordered shrimp with the curry.  The mixture of stir-fried veggies , caramelized onions, and shrimp mixed with the jasmine rice was delicious . I asked for some sriracha to kick the curry heat up a little more although it was spicy enough for most. The curry-buttered naan bread was a nice way to finish the bowl;  this ensured I got every bit of the sauce.


My wife use to love a “Big Mary” Chicken Sandwich from Mary Brown’s Restaurant until she developed an allergy to MSG (monosodium glutamate). She was not very pleased that she could no longer eat one of her favourite meals. She noticed a Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich on the menu at Moxie’s which peaked her curiosity. Although she wanted to try this, we first had to ask the server if there was any msg. With confidence she said it was not used in the restaurant. Although she was confident she still went to the kitchen and within moments, Chef Chris Chafe was at our table to say hello and to inform us that my wife Lisa did not have to worry about msg at Moxie’s .
She enjoyed the sandwich very much , she said it was nice and crispy and was reminiscent of the Big Mary but bigger.


We enjoyed our first visit; so, we decided after another long day at a trade show to stay in the hotel and visit Moxie’s again.
I was not in the mood for a heavy meal but there was so many interesting items on the menu that it was hard to decide what I wanted. To the surprise of some at our table, I decided to try the lettuce wraps. They were on the “share”menu, but I kept them all to myself. The lettuce was the vessel of goodness, cold and crisp, and the soy glazed chicken and veg was a delight to the taste buds. The crispness of the cashews, chow mien noodles and snow peas gave the wraps a nice flavourful crunch. As simple as it looks, this meal packed a huge flavour. It is a must try for everyone.


High Points

– Our server had a wonderful personality and was very accommodating to all our requests (Thanks, Danielle!)
-The decor and lighting very trendy
-Chef Chris Chafe’s taking the time to come to our table to say hello and answer allergy questions was appreciated greatly
-Washrooms were very clean
-Nice beer selection on tap, especially their house amber
-Lettuce Wraps were the highlight of both visits!

Low Points

  • No low points during my two visits to Moxie’s

Price $$$ out of $$$$$ 202.00 approx, tax and gratuity included, for two evenings.
Points for a evening experience 4.5 out of 5

Two fantastic experiences right in our hotel. I would highly recommend a visit to Moxie’s, St. John’s NL.