Golden Phoenix Buffet 53A Kenmount Rd, St. John’s NL


Lately I have been writing a lot about Chinese restaurants, probably because it is one of my favourite foods. I like flavourful food and most Canadian Chinese food is flavourful. What I also like is variety, you can certainly get in Chinese buffet restaurants. Golden Phoenix on Kenmount Road has one of the largest buffets in the province. You would be hard pressed to not find something that tickles your fancy.

I have to note that I am not a huge fan of buffets in small restaurants in rural regions. This is mostly because the selection is smaller and not as many people coming through means the food is sitting in the stations longer . Although I came for the Hot and Soup as it was recommended , the buffet at Golden Phoenix is one of a few exceptions.

My advice during your first visit is to take your time, have a little stroll around to see what is available.


The picture above is just one of the buffet stations, although the egg foo young needed to be topped up (which they did after the pic was taken) . It is just one of the stations offering Chinese and Canadian goodness.


 I  think Golden Phoenix  is the only restaurant that has Hot and Sour Soup as part of the buffet. If this is not a valid statement, excellent, let me know where I need to visit next. I went to the buffet for only the H and S soup and it did not disappoint. It had most of the flavours I was looking for, bright, tangy, spicy, thick and of so flavourful. My only comment would be that when adding the egg, take your time and whisk a little more so there would not be so many huge chunks of egg yolk. I would put Golden Phoenix Buffet Restaurant’s Hot and Sour Soup in the top five at this point.


There was so much to choose from in the buffet. If you are not a Chinese food fan there is still plenty of options including, onion rings, fried and gravy, chicken wings, sausage and bacon, the list goes on and on. I took my time and walked around for awhile , I did not want to rush into getting items I can get in my hometown. On my plate I decided upon the Udon Noodles , General Tao, Chicken and Broccoli and a couple of dumplings called Shao Mai. The Udon Noodles ,Shanghai (Fat Noodles) were cooked perfectly, General Tao was tangy and sweet,  not as much heat as I am use too, but delicious. The Chicken and Broccoli was very nice, not over done which sometimes happens when broccoli is offered in a buffet. The Shao Mai was the star of the plate for me, this ground pork dish was wonderful, the wonton was the perfect vessel to hold the meat mixture.  I am not 100% sure what was in the mixture, maybe some oyster sauce

High Points

–  Prompt service
–  Server was friendly and attentive
–  Huge buffet with a varied selection, a great place to try new Chinese options
–  A fair price for the selection
–  Hot and Sour Soup as part of the buffet is a wonderful idea
– Wheel Chair accessible

Low Points

–  Everything was nice and hot with the exception of the french fries, they were cool and finished their buffet life. (I was having lunch with my mother and sister, this was mom’s take on the fries)

Price point

$$$ out of $$$$$
Lunch with a pop and tip $24.00 approx