Food and the Economy

For those who really know me know that I enjoy some of the finer points of life. First there is my family,  I am sure this can be said for everyone. Second would be food, not just eating it, but making it, watching it, basically encountering it in every way possible.

The Foodie with  Dad

The Foodie with Dad

I consider myself a “Foodie”, ( defines it as someone who is interested in foods, cooking, and the latest food and restaurant fads.) My sources for being a foodie are varied, but are certainly driven by television, internet, print and experimenting with food and wine for over 20 years. I enjoy experiencing new flavors and approaches to food and wine, I in turn like to try to replicate some of the recipes and serve to family and friends. Most met with a smile, and a word of encouragement and usually approval for my attempt. I enjoy the opportunity to sit and discuss the meal over a nice glass of wine. These opportunities allow us to bond with those we wish to be around. Even though most of what we love is innate, TV/Media allows us the chance to discover what other worlds of food and drink are out there.

Foods We Love

Foods We Love

Food is Feeding our Economy

Food and drink are major fueling factors of all economies , we all have to eat and drink to stay alive. What we eat and drink are dependent on our upbringing, tastes and what we can afford. Another factor to driving our economy is the knowledge of what we have the potential of tasting.  This last factor is dependent on the media, or marketing of particular foods that are new to a particular region. Locally, supermarkets in larger centres ensure there are cooking classes that educated the consumers of the produce, herbs, spices and protein that is new to most. For the rest of us there is media, cable and satellite allows chefs, foodies and reality cooking shows right into our living rooms. As a result, they teach us about the “niceties” that are out there, to unleash the culinary curiosities that intrigue those who wish to learn. Those who wish to buy the food and cooking equipment that will allow them to be their families own chef will be welcomed. Passion will be fueled by example, by personality and experience, all because curiosity.

Food and equipment endorsements will always be prevalent in our society, but media have ushered in a new way of promoting the opportunity of a better quality of life. We all have to decide is it for the better.

I think it is and have decided to launch a new blog called Just a Foodie I will be writing on food and wine as well as my thoughts on some of the restaurants I have the opportunity of visiting. I look forward to everyone’s interaction and help in moving this next chapter along.

Strozzapreti for my wife

Strozzapreti for my wife