Crooked Phil’s Café 125 Columbus Dr, Carbonear, NL

At first glance, especially in Newfoundland and Labrador, the word crooked denotes someone being cantankerous, irritable, crabby or cross. So when I noticed on Facebook that a restaurant called Crooked Phil’s Café had opened in nearby Carbonear, NL it captured my attention.

For months I have been observing their online marketing and the comments generated by those who have visited the café. The photos of the food looked delicious and the comments positive, all of which entices a reader to want to visit.

My chance to visit this little café came this week. It was obvious that no one who worked for Crooked Phil’s was at all crooked.

The room had a relaxed feel to it; they are only open in the day time till 3pm so lighting was not an issue. The walls exhibited local works of art, very tastefully displayed. This local corporation is brilliant. The café has beautiful and creative artwork to display and the artists have a venue to showcase their art. (All artwork can be purchased)


The use of chalkboards to inform customers suited the décor. The servers were friendly and welcoming.

The menu had café style offerings including all day breakfast options, soups, sandwiches, pizza and daily chef offerings. The chef offering is what actually enticed me to visit on Thursday. Chef Lujan prepared a bacon, spinach and leek carbonara pasta. By the time I got there they were sold out of the special and I had to select something else. It seems that if you want the special you better come early, a lesson learned!

I ordered the beef barley soup and turkey sandwich. The soup was flavorful with large cuts of vegetable. The broth was seasoned well and beef was tender. The sandwich had fresh turkey and a multi-grain bun with just the right amount of cheese. The order also came with a blueberry tea bun that was packed with berries. The lunch time food was just what I expected, fresh and delicious.


I have been to many café’s over the years and most delivered a solid meal with a quaint environment. Crooked Phil’s felt a little more special; it was genuine. The servers were pleasant to the customers but it was nice to see the communication and joviality toward their team. Even chef Lu was getting in on the action, moments in time such as this enforces a positive experience and instills a sense of confidence in the restaurant. These people really seemed to enjoy their job, that impressed me.

High Points

  • Clean
  • Welcoming and friendly servers
  • Wonderful art work
  • Fresh food with plenty of flavor
  • Moderate wait time (approximately 20 minutes)

Low Points

  • I was disappointed that the special was sold out, but will remember to try to get there earlier.
  • Chalkboard areas could use a little more cleaning before writing on them again.



$$ out of $$$$$ (32.50) includes my meal as well as pizza for my son and tip.



4 ½ out of 5 for lunch service

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