Hr. Grace, a Hidden Treasure in more ways than one!!

Over the past few weeks I have expanded my culinary adventures to include visiting a couple eating establishments in my home town of Hr. Grace. The historical town abounds with stories, folklore, and heritage. It has the second oldest consecutive sporting event in North America, the Harbour Grace Regatta, a Fall Fair, Dog show, Road Race and boasts some of the oldest buildings in Newfoundland. It has a story of pirates, of aviation, and of the Newfoundland fishery. The scenery and history and above all architecture are captivating. It is a gem in the promotion of tourism on the Baccalieu Trail.
Ok now for the food, I have visited 2 places in the past few weeks and I have to say, I have been impressed. Firstly, the Admiral’s Marina Café on South Side…a amazing little spot with home-style foods, a great location. Food tasted great and Pauline knows how to treat her guests, the toutons and beans were tasty.

The second place was the Admiral’s Galley , a full service restaurant on Harvey Street. The food was pleasant, I had the fish and chip (as usual) the batter was great, the fries ok and the service was pleasant. Our family liked it , especially the opportunity to have out pictures taken with a Pirate. I recommend this place for a safe meal with character.

Now, If I could only hit Chong’s when it is open, I miss that place.
I would recommend both places to those visiting the Baccalieu Tral.