Lobster Bay Family Restaurant 160 Water Street Saint Andrews, New Brunswick

Lobster Bay Family Restaurant
160 Water Street Saint Andrews, New Brunswick

 I’ve visited New Brunswick on many occasions, of course during all my travels I try to take in the amazing views, special attractions and of course the food. During this visit I was in for a treat, I stayed at the Algonquin Resort Hotel by Marriott. This facility just had a major upgrade so I was excited to get to our hotel, but not before we had a stop at Lobster Bay Family Restaurant, St. Andrews.

This restaurant has character, very rustic and had a nice feel to it. The server was helpful and courteous. It was easy to determine that this little place was one of the go to restaurants for tourists and locals. There was plenty of activities designed to keep people coming back during the shoulder season. We were on a strict schedule so could not stay and listen to the local musicians who were arriving while we had a late lunch.


I had a spicy black bean soup to start, it smelled as good as it tasted, it had a deep flavour with a kick of heat that lasted for a nice period of time. It certainly could have been the main for a lunch time service.


Having said that, the haddock and home fries was my choice for the main. The fries were crispy, and the haddock had a nice texture, light and flakey, it was delish! I put my trust in the server to select a beer that was local, her selection was spot on and paired well with my lunch.

One server took care of the room and did so with ease, she was no rookie, I watched with interest as she handled the patrons with ease (and professionalism).
I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is in search of fast, friendly service and a good price point.

High Points

  • A pub/eatery with plenty of character
  • Friendly Service
  • Quick service
  • Spicy Black Bean Soup was the star of the lunch
  • Clean

Low Points

  • I never had time to stay and have a listen to the music and take in the culture of the town.

Price $$$ out of $$$$$ (lunch)

Points 4 out of 5