Top 10 Best Pizza’s in the Bay (Newfoundland)

Ok so here is my review of 10 pizza joints in rural Newfoundland (East Coast NL) . I have to admit , none were terrible, but some shined. I love pizza cooked on a high heat, semi thin, full of flavour and not too much acid or herbs. All the ingredients should be balanced with a kick arse crust with nice chew. I don’t like a moist crust at all. There are others that could go on the list but I decided to keep it at 10 for this blog post.

Cabin Six, Milton, just outside Clarenville has awesome pizza, its all about the crust and balanced flavour. The crust had a nice chew , hardly any flop , cooked at high heat, this is my style Za!
Nan’s Kitchen Bay Roberts, (in Powell’s Supermarket) my favourite in Newfoundland hands down. Nice chew, not much flop, the cheese and pepperoni pair well together . This picture was a 50/50 Za, 50 veg, 50 pepperoni
Stone Jug, Carbonear , one of the best pizza’s I have had in the bay. The crust was light but could carry the topping, another quick bake Za, worth the visit to Carbonear.
Bonavista Social Club, Upper Amherst Cove. I love wood fired pizza, the crust was awesome, nice chew, sauce was not acidic so the cheese matched nicely.
Greco Pizza , Bay Roberts , a little too much herbs and sauce, was ok but not my go to.
E and E Drive – In , Brigus , if you like bland pizza here is your pizza. Tried it once and thats it. Would be good if you like to dip it in some donair sauce .
Bigger Bite Pizza, Bay Roberts, it is ok pizza if you like bar pizza, a little too doughy for me personally but ok.
Big Cheese Pizza, Bay Roberts, new kids on the block in Bay Roberts. The dough is amazing, not much flop, chewy, which I like, not acidic and cheese added to the depth of flavour. I pizza I would buy again. A 50/50 Za again.
Peters Pizza, A Carbonear staple, rich, flavourful good cheese and good chew. One of our favourites in the bay!!
Midtown Takeout, Carbonear, somewhat bland, not sure if they make their own dough, not a Za I would drive for.

Top 10 Pizza Breakdown

10. E and E Take Out, Brigus
9. Midtown Takeout, Carbonear
8. Greco Pizza , Bay Roberts
7. Bigger Bite Pizza, Bay Roberts
6. Big Cheese Pizza, Bay Roberts
5. Peters Pizza, Carbonear
4. Cabin Six, Milton
3. Bonavista Social Club , Upper Amherst Cove
2. Stone Jug, Carbonear
1. Nan’s Kitchen, Bay Roberts