Sharon’s Drive In, Harbour Grace NL


Growing up the the 80’s in Conception Bay North was pretty awesome in retrospect. We probably didn’t see it that way. After all, we did not have gaming consoles, internet or iPhones. We were lucky enough to have “Snackbars” (Arcades), three of them within a five minute walk from my house in Riverhead at one point. We also had weekly dances, movie theatres, and a drive in theatre too!! We were lucky to have an assortment of food establishments. In the 80’s there were no by-pass/commuter roadways like today in Conception Bay North; there was no alternative but to drive through each town. As a result, there was a need for places to eat in each community. Most that I could afford as a teenager were drive ins. Most drive ins had seating areas, great for us who in the younger years did not drive. Some of my favourite spots were Duggan’s Drive- In, Ruby’s Drive-In, Ollie’s Drive-In, and Sharon’s Drive-In. All but one of these are gone now; Sharon’s lives on and I had a chance to visit this week.


Although during the off-season it is only open on the weekends and service in now indoors, it offers nostalgic memories. The place still serves what you would expect at a drive in: fries, fried chicken, burgers, onion rings, fish and ice cream of all sorts.


Walking into Sharon’s made me smile. I love Christmas and I felt as if I was inside a Christmas present, or transported back in time. Boney M was playing, my eyes scanned the small room, and they were indeed ready for the season.


I only came in for a snack for my wife and I; fries and gravy for me, and the whole chicken leg and fries for my wife. After ordering, I had to take a few pictures. It is nice to have good drive-in food, which you always get at Sharon’s. But when the owner takes the time to go all out to give you a visual experience, you know you are in the right place.


Although it’s December, Sharon’s still serves up ice-cream cones, banana splits, sundaes and milkshakes.


My home cut fries were nice and hot; I had them wrapped to go but saw the fish and chip vinegar so I had to have some. (I remember Ollie Tetfords had the best vinegar, especially with onion rings.) Sharons gravy is not pronounced, but does elevate the fries .


My wife’s chicken and chips were just as tasty. We shared the chicken; the breading was crispy and the chicken was juicy.

We came to Sharon’s because we craved some home fries, but I alway like visiting as it seems to connect me to the past. If you are in the Hr. Grace area, stop in to the little drive-in and support local. You will not be disappointed. Drop by not just for the food, but for the way it will make you feel to see the decorations.

High Points

–  Decorations are awesome
–   Loved the music
–   Fries and chicken very nice (not salty)
–  Server was friendly
–  Very affordable
–  Clean and inviting

Low Points

No low points, just lots of memories of Drive In’s in the area.

Price point

$ out of $$$$$
Chicken and fries, small home fries and two pop 13.00 approx (great deal)


8.0 out of 10 (elevated with the experience)

Well worth the drive for the experience.

Other drive in’s that are still open around the bay are Country Delight Bay Roberts, Hogan’s in Northern Bay and E and E in Brigus, all worth the drive!!