Micro Reviews

The Old Triangle Halifax
5136 Prince Street
Nova Scotia



Pub Style Curry and Chips at the Old Triangle Halifax


The pub style food was amazing,  crispy fries,  slow roasted chicken and of course a UK tradition, mushy peas were delish. This pub is one of the go to places in Halifax. Friendly servers, a clean and inviting environment lends itself to a place to stay the course and enjoy a full Monty Halifax has to offer. Although it seems the calamari is not on the online menu , I did sample it with friends back in April and thoroughly enjoyed the flavour and crispiness. The music was awesome as McGinty is one of my favorite east coast bands.


Inviting servers, great food, wonderful music and clean washrooms makes the Old Triangle and must visit in historic Halifax!!

Pearson Airport
Toronto, Ont


Travelling our vast and beautiful country can be challenging at times. It can be cold (very), windy, snowy, and on the east coast foggy. All these challenges when traveling tests most of us to the very core. But, once landed, even on a layover, it is great to find a food oasis to recharge your mind and body. One of these places is Kaplansky’s in the Toronto Airport!!

I have to confess, I did visit another restaurant when I arrived at the West Jet Terminal so was not really hungry. I had plenty of time  while  finding the connecting gate , then my senses took over, the smell of the smoked meat summoned me to look to the left and there is was Kaplansky’s.

The deli/bar is well lit, with plenty of space. The deli area is on one side of the space and a huge bar on the other. The barman was a real jewel, keeping the place going with good conversation and engagement. As I already said, I had eaten but wanted to check the place out. I was looking over the menu and a voice came from the left, “you have to try the smoked mean man, it is freaking awesome!” .  Now how could I resist , I had to order it. So a smoked meat sandwich it was. The guy from Vancouver was right, it was amazing!!


The brisket, that is smoked for 24 hours and shaved to perfection was so juicy and tender. My mouth is watering as I write! The smoke was not overpowering, it was well balanced , the pickle and fries were the perfect accent to the meal. Having said that, I was also reminded that “you must try the mustard” , that too was rich and flavourful, the blend of horseradish and mustard elevated the meat and gave it a extra kick!!


Kaplansky’s is a place you need to check out, in a airport or on the food truck.

Price point

$$$  $24.00 approx for a pint and smoked meat sandwich

A must see in Toronto








Crooked Phil’s
Conception Bay Highway


This Hot and Sour Soup is an “add on” to my blog. After posting the original blog I had various suggestions, one of them was Crooked Phil’s in Carbonear. Only a few days later Chef Lujan notified me through Facebook that is was going to be on the menu this Friday (yesterday).

We were lucky we went there “early” (for my standards), thanks for saving me a seat Ian!!

The restaurant was PACKED! It is a popular place and I can see why; fresh ingredients, homemade meals and nice customer service.

The Hot and Sour Soup was tasty. I appreciate knife skills and this soup rocked, everything cut perfectly. The use of various peppers and other veg gave the soup a nice texture. This might sound trivial, but it actually “looked” like Hot and Sour Soup.

My only recommendation would be, on days a spicy soup is on the menu, have some sort of hot sauce on the table as a condiment for those who would like to kick it up a notch.

Crooked Phil’s is a little gem in the middle of fast food central in Carbonear. You have an amazing healthy option, and with the crowd that was there on Friday, it is evident people are making that choice.


Seamus David’s
21 Logiealmond Close
Dartmouth, NS

I found this little pub while waiting for a flight back to Newfoundland and Labrador. We had a few hours to kill so one of our colleagues wanted to do some shopping. After walking around this new shopping development I happened on Seamus David’s Pub in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.


The pub was located in a strip mall building and had a new, clean feel to it. In this case that was not a bad thing. It was well laid out with sturdy wood tables and chairs, welcoming bar and wall art and ceiling  flags that gave the place character.


The server was welcoming and told me to choose where I wanted to sit (for me is always a window seat if available). I really only came in for a walking break and because I was curious. But since I was there, and it was “around” noon, I decided to have a pint and something light to eat.

I ordered the bacon wrapped scallops. They arrived at the table within minutes neatly presented on lettuce. The bacon was crispy and scallops were nicely done.


I was joined by one of my colleagues, shrimp was the next course. They were crispy and tasty, proper pub food.


Food and pints were very affordable (pints 6.50-8.00 dollar range and aps 8-10 dollars)

If you are in the Dartmouth Crossing area, check out this place



McSeagull’s Water Front Restaurant
14 Wharf St at Pier One
Boothbay Harbor, Maine

I had the opportunity to travel to Maine this past fall. I have always wanted to take the time and travel the beautiful Maine coastline. One of our first stops was in the scenic town of Boothbay Harbor. This picturesque town has a wonderful charm to it. The boardwalk area was a tourist paradise . Yachts  , fishing vessels (lobster primarily) and tour boats shared a busy dock.

Our time was limited but we did get a chance for a quick visit to McSeagull’s.

2015-10-26 14.47.28

I had the Haddock Tacos, fantastic flavor, crunchy red cabbage, sour cream and salsa accompanied by the rice made for a tasty lunch. The server was pleasant and the surrounding was welcoming and indicative of the Maine lifestyle. I went on a tour of the harbor later in the afternoon, this is certainly a place to revisit and plan for a vacation in the future I see!! Thanks for the hospitality Boothbay Harbor!!!

2015-10-26 15.27.12

High Points

  • Location Location
  • Friendly People
  • Clean and neat
  • Flavourful (would of loved the time to sample more)

Low Points

  • None

Price point

$$ out of $$$$$ great value, add this resto to your bucket list!!