Sourdough Bread at its Finest from Jamie O’Flaherty, Powell’s Supermarket Bay Roberts, NL

I usually write restaurant reviews, recipes, and food news in general. I have been thinking about the artistry of making bread from scratch, its very much a passionate and learned art. I have come to appreciate this craft over the past 3-4 years when Jamie O’Flaherty started sharing his wonderful bread with the region. His bread is not light and white, well those that I have tasted . They have a crisp, chew and distinctive flavour. Beautiful in taste, texture and of course design.

These breads are a work of art, they say we eat with our eyes and Jamie’s breads make it easy for us to enjoy this wonderful handcrafted bread. It started as a curiosity , hobby , passion, small business and now a career as Jamie has shared this passion and bread with Powell’s Supermarket. I dropped by today for a few breakfast items. I was at the checkout, I had some baloney , eggs , I glanced over to the bakery, then I pondered, should I? Our family have been carb conscious for about six months , that has it’s ups and downs, we have been feeling good for doing this but have missed bread, GOOD bread. So I made the decision to say shag it, and visited Jamie and got some.

I was not sure what the reaction was going to be when I bought BREAD!!! into the house. I crept into the kitchen and showed my wife what I had purchased, and to my delight she was ready for some as well !!
You need a good knife as the bread is somewhat crusty and dense, which makes it special. As soon as the knife rips through the baked goodness you can smell a hint of the starter , the dough and crispy crust, heaven. All that was left to do was toast!!!

Popping a couple slices of the sourdough bread (15% whole wheat flour blend) in the toaster filled me with excitement, after all it we did not eat toast regularly in about 6 months!!! My wife Lisa insisted on using butter, real salted butter, and she was right, it was delicious !! I love the chew, the crunch and savoury finish to the bread especially when toasted.

Yes, simple artisan bread can indeed excite, it is wonderful with pasta, to make into garlic bread, to finish your french onion soup and yes wonderful toast.

For 5.99 a loaf it is worth the money and a visit to Powell’s Supermarket to get some bread and say hi to Jamie.

NO, I don’t work for Powell’s !! LOL , good eating to you and yours.

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