The Vu Resto and Bar 115 Duckworth Street, St. John’s, NL, Canada

Downtown St. John’s abounds with wonderful locally owned restaurants.
They represent many cultures and techniques that help make St. John’s one of the best food towns in the country. Most of these places serve house made, locally harvested produce and protein when available. Downtown also offers some unique atmospheres to dine in, especially those that can offer a breathtaking view. None does it better than the aptly named The Vu Resto and Bar on Duckworth Street.

My wife and I visited the Vu for our wedding anniversary. The communication for the reservation was easy; we arrived on time and were showed to our table by a friendly hostess. The set up is very scenic and safe. Our booth was elevated, unobstructed and protected by plexiglass. These precautions made for a relaxing evening, even before we ate. Both my wife and I love scallops, so we started with the Pan Roasted Scallops with bacon and onion jam with a blueberry gastrique and crispy AND pickled shallots. These scallops were delightful. They were cooked perfectly; the balance of the bacon and onion jam and sweetness of the blueberry was a treat to the tastebuds . The dish was accented with the flavour of the shallots both ways, offering a slight tang and onion aftertaste. I would return for these alone, a must have!
My bride had a main, but I wanted to try a few other offerings on the menu. So, up next was Cod and Salt Beef Croquettes. Cod and salt beef? Hell ya!! I am a huge fan of salt cod croquettes. Add salt beef, now we are talking! Most Newfoundlanders love salt cod and salt meat and the mustard pickle relish and split pea puree was a savoury addition, a huge depth of flavour.
As I stated earlier, I did not want a main as I wanted to sample Chef Chafe’s menu. I love soups and stews; they are quintessential comfort foods. I was excited to see a fisherman’s soup on the menu. The “NL Fisherman’s Soup”, comprised of cod, salmon, mussels, shrimp, scallops, vegetables, salt beef (yes I had more salt beef) had a seafood broth that was deep in flavour. Every spoonful was a treat; it was hearty. I did ask for some of the house hot sauce. It gave the soup some heat (I love heat!!). All the proteins were firm and held their flavour to blend into a bowl of goodness.
My wife had the Buffalo Honey Chicken Sandwich (without the buffalo sauce).
The southern fried chicken breast with cheddar cheese had a nice crunch and the fries were tasty It was good to spend time in a restaurant that takes the time to cook food from scratch and it was evident chef Chafe has and amazing passion and creativity for food.
I alluded to how safe we felt while dining at the Vu. They have taken aggressive precautions to ensure everyones dining experience is a positive one. (Photo credit to Chef Chris Chafe )

I also mentioned the view is awesome at the Vu. This review is unsolicited and is unbiased, I was very impressed . This restaurant is making the best out of a difficult situation and doing it right on so many levels.

My review

High Points

  • Covid protocols were maintained to the fullest , the plexiglass borders put us at ease .
  • Hostess and servers were friendly and knowledgeable
  • The actual view is breathtaking
  • House made food was delish
  • Washrooms were spotless

Low Points

  • No low points 

Food Review

4.7 out of 5

Price point

$$$ out of $$$$$

2 wicked starters, fisherman’s soup, Chicken burger and drinks $144.00 Great value

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