Green Door Restaurant and Bar 310 Water Street NL

Green Door Restaurant and Bar
310 Water Street, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador


On a bright sunny day in downtown St. John’s it’s refreshing to get out for a walk, the chill is still in the air but there is a feeling of spring and knowing all things will turn green soon enough. Speaking of green ,while walking down Water Street I could see a green sign that easily catches the eye. As we get closer we realize we found the restaurant that is creating positive gastro vibes in down town, The Green Door Restaurant and Bar.

The impressive sign led to a commanding green door, one that was wheelchair accessible too I might add.


The room was very well decorated, from the vintage style lighting to the locally made tables made by Mr. Fred Dakin’s from Carbonear NL. I particularly liked the personal pictures on the wall, it added character to the small room, it felt comfortable and inviting


We were greeted in a professional manner and was told to choose our own seating, which we did. The beer on tap were local, Newfoundland local. We now have some amazing micro breweries in our province. Being from the Baccalieu Trail region of the ROCK (Newfoundland and Labrador) we decided to go with a beer from Bay Roberts own, Baccalieu Trail Brewing Company, it was called Madrock NEIPA. The beer was pronounced , bold and refreshing with hints of citrus, like grapefruit.


I ordered the Cubano Sandwich and the “Eloquent Kale and Potato Soup”. I started with the soup, it was flavourful, light, not thick, but a great accompaniment to the sandwich. The Cubano, this sandwich is HUGE and packed with goodness, the pork loin was so tender, the ham resembled Saturday morning breakfast ham. The cheese was jarlsberg , combined with the pickle and onions the combination was spot on, it was one the best sandwiches I have ever eaten, I am serious.

High Points

-Great service
-Rustic and comfortable
-The branding is cleaver and eye catching
-Family pictures showed the pride of ownership
-Cubano was one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten, pure comfort food
-Soup was nice and fresh
-Washrooms were well laid out, had hands free lighting and cloth towels
-Wheelchair accessible
-Supports local breweries and craftspersons (tables hand made)

Low Points

-Not really a low point but a suggestion: In my opinion during lunch traffic, which applied to us, most patrons travel in pairs or small groups, the Green Door Restaurant has a nice view of Water Street but has a larger table in the window, as a result smaller groups can not choose a window seat to people watch, they have to go a little further inside the room. (I guess they could sit at a big table but I would prefer not to.) This is not a bad thing but that window could probably have two to three small tables there. People gravitate to windows, especially with the view this restaurant has. When people walk by and see a busy restaurant, (people dining in the window), it shows that they are busy, and that gets people talking, curious and opening that big green door!! Although there were people in the restaurant today, at first glance all the walkers by saw was a large empty table. Which I am sure is full a great deal of time but on my visit was not .

I wish this restaurant well and look forward to visiting many times in the future.

Price $$$ out of $$$$$ 31.00 approx tax and tip included. (1 persons)
Points for a lunch experience 4.5 out of 5

2 thoughts on “Green Door Restaurant and Bar 310 Water Street NL

  1. That place and the food looks amazing !! Made my mouth water just looking at that sandwich!! One more place to visit !! Booya!!! Sandy

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