D’Arcy McGee’s 44 Sparks St. Ottawa, Ontario

D’Arcy McGee’s
44 Sparks St. Ottawa, Ontario
Ottawa, our capitol, diverse in its people and food. On a warm September evening after visiting the Canada 150 display at Parliament Hill (which was amazing!) our group was in the mood for food. Of course me being from the east coast I had a craving for Irish pub food.  Our walking path leading back to our hotel also lead us by Sparks Street and D’Arcy’s McGee’s!!



IMG_8494 (2)


During this visit to Ottawa I wanted to try various types of Calamari , I am not sure why I picked Calamari but it is not every restaurant or pub that can pull it off. D’Arcy McGee’s did, the tender morsels were a thick cut, the crunch of the batter and simple salt and pepper was all that was needed, especially with the chilli sauce. They were by far the best I had all week.

French Onion Soup


I adore good French Onion Soup, I mean GOOD French onion soup, not the stuff that’s made in 20 minutes. The flavour comes through when thick cut onions are slowly sautéed to allow the flavours to develop. It also needs bread that can stand up a rich broth and hold the cheese in place. All this and more was presented to me with a smile in short order. The ciabatta bread was not soggy, draped with Gruyere and Swiss cheeses melted to perfection. The balance of the broth was excellent, no one ingredient stood out, it is evident it was house made.

High Points

– The service was Fast and welcoming
– Irish décor was nice, loved the various rooms
– Nice cold pints served with a smile
– The best calamari I have had in years!! (sooo tender!)

Low Points

– During this visit I did not have a low point

Price Point for late evening pub grub: $$$ out of $$$$$

Ottawa is a very pedestrian city , but it is nice to know there are plenty of places to sit and take in the view. It is also a place to have a pint and catch up with old friends and have some amazing pub fare.















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