Soul Azteka 11 Freshwater Road St. John’s NL


Soul Azteka
11 Freshwater Road St. John’s NL

I have always wanted to visit Mexico, for the weather, beaches and of course the food. Fresh, bright, spicy and deep flavours are part of most Mexican food all of which I crave at times. Although the Country is still on my bucket list, a piece of Mexico is on 11 Freshwater Road at Soul Azteka.

I had the opportunity to meet Michael and Cinthia Wozney last year at the Songs, Stages and Seafood Festival in Bay Roberts. It was evident that this couple operated as a finely tuned team, including their children. It was a treat to watch their family prepare their dishes for the festival.  That family team-work continues in their restaurant as I was greeted by Cinthia and daughter who was in a papoose like holder under Cinthia’s chin. Once seated, I could not help but scan the room; the décor really sets the mood. A huge flag of Mexico on the ceiling is the center piece; sombrero’s, colorful dresses and wrestling masks adorn the walls.

The lunch time experience started with complimentary nacho chips and house made salsa which was welcomed as I was peckish. The salsa was very light and fresh, nothing out of a can here.


My main was chicken enchiladas, tender chicken and cheese, wrapped in corn tortillas. There were various sauces to pick from; I could not decide as I would have liked any of them. I picked a verdes and a diabla sauce. Both were delicious, but my favorite was the diabla that packed some serious heat. I would be remise if I did not mention the sides; the refried black beans were silky.  Some people might say that rice is just rice and there is not much a person could comment on.  This is certainly not the case at Soul Azteka. The side dishes (the ones I had) are rock stars, front and centre. The rice was light, not gummy, with a hint of tomato.


My son Kaegan was with me, he is a picky eater.  Cinthia was very accommodating and suggested beef tacos with no sauce, this worked out perfectly. He is also a light eater so I got to help him out with the dish. The beef was nicely cooked , it had a nice charred flavor. The taco was nice and fresh and paired well with the meat.


We finished up with a surprise, Chef Michael delivered a dessert called Banana Loca, and it was outrageously good. Picture banana, Nutella, and cream cheese inside a tortilla, deep fried to perfection, dusted with cinnamon sugar and a scoop of ice cream.  All the flavours melded together , the banana paired well with the Nutella and cream cheese and the ice cream was refreshing after the heat of the diabla sauce.



High Points

  • Inviting family experience

  • Authentic décor

  • Enjoyed the Mexican music

  • Food was fresh and delicious

  • Neat and clean

  • There is a family take out menu that is posted on Facebook, a great idea!

Low Points

  • Parking could be an issue at peak times of the day, plan ahead.

Price Point for lunch: $$$ out of $$$$$

Well worth the money!

Points for a lunch experience: 4.5 out of 5



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