The Fat Badger, 1852 Scarth St, Regina SK

The Fat Badger
1852 Scarth St, Regina SK


I visited the city of Regina, to attend a conference last Autumn. My initial impression was not all that great as my arrival was tainted with the inconvenience of having to change hotels 12:30 am because they were over booked. Once the annoyance subsided I decided to give the city another shot.

During a break in the schedule I went for a stroll downtown. The air was crisp and refreshing, just what I needed after sitting in meetings for most of the day. There seemed to be a cross section of pubs and restaurants that peaked my interest, but one in particular caught my eye. The name said it all, The Fat Badger, this was one place that I had to visit.

The  room was narrow, a little dark, there was a pool table at the back of the pub. I sat at the bar and ordered a pint , while waiting I noticed the hand made flags that were made out of wood. They were a nice addition to the pubs décor. During this visit I only stayed for about a half hour, soaking in the ambiance and studying the menu. There was a wide range of offerings , all tempting but I had run out of time and had a appointment to keep but knew I would return.


The Return

On my final day in Regina, there was a opportunity to visit The Fat Badger again, this time for a light lunch. During this visit I took a window seat, it was nice to relax and people watch, but it was me who felt like I was being watched. On the wall across from me was a picture of a man who seemed to be staring, the name on the picture said “Canadian Club Chairman”, it kind of creeped me out. Nevertheless, I ordered the spinach dip and a hamburger soup. The dip was rich, cheesy and flavorful, very creamy with a taste that lingered. The hamburger soup peaked my interest , I love hamburgers and I love soup so it had to be a good combination right? The soup was actually very tasty, the broth was seasoned well, the ground meat did not make the soup oily, the addition of the vegetables ,  and macaroni pasta  rounded out this interesting dish. It had deep layers of flavour and textures especially the crunch of the celery.



The Fat Badger did have other offerings, all of which seems interesting and tempting but time did not permit for a extended stay.

I have to say that if that pub was in my neck of the woods it would certainly be my hang out. Everyone seems to know each other, there was a relaxed and friendly vibe about the place. The bartender knew her job very well, the bar was neat, clean and well organized. She was also  a responsible server as she had to cut off a person who wanted another drink. She did so in a very tactful way, that impressed me.

High Points

  • Friendly
  • Quick service
  • Fresh food
  • Inventive cooking (Hamburger Soup was awesome)

Low Points

  • There were some cords under our feet that got in the way at times, but I guess there was entertainment there the night before.

Price Point

$$ out of $$$$$

Affordable at less than $ 20.00 per person (quick lunch)


3.5 out of 5

If you are visiting Regina, place the Fat Badger on your bucket list, you won’t be disappointed.








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