Winterton Family Restaurant , Winterton NL


A few weeks ago I went on a fam tour with our new tourism staff from the VIC in Bay Roberts. We drove most of the Baccalieu Trail, discovering many interesting places . The icebergs were still around in Bay Da Verde and the scenic coastline was a site to see.   Most of the trail is a naturalist type of destination. A photographers delight, the quaint communities , scenery that is second to none. I would advise that once you leave Carbonear/Victoria area, ensure you have some provisions with you. Simple things like bottled water and snacks. Although you will be able to find some along the trail it is best you take some with you. We visited Grates Cove , which is quiet, picturesque  and lovely, but we traveled on a Wednesday so the only place to eat was closed. (our fault for not researching) . We continued up the trinity shore , enjoying the rugged beauty of the area, no rush, no hustle and bustle, just calm driving and the opportunity to embrace the region.

We were very happy to arrive in Winterton, it is a historic community with one of the most prolific historic gems in Newfoundland, the Winterton Boat Museum. Travelling up the road I have to say we were relieved to see the Winterton Family Restaurant, it was around 2 pm and my crew were getting a little grumpy, they wanted food, and so did I.

We were visiting before peak season, so there were no crowds around, only the loud (and accepting sounds of classic rock, Elton John, if I am not mistaken coming from the restaurant). A friendly lady showed us to our seats. It was a older building, I always give the benefit of the doubt and we sat , and………we enjoyed!!.  We ordered from the lunch menu ,  I was surprised that the selection and when the food was served, the freshness .

Here is some of the food that came out…..


Minestrone Soup, it was delicious, many layers of flavor with a little kick. The veg, black beans, celery, and tomato combination was a welcomed delight. Did I mention I loved the broth!! This soup was pure comfort!

Lois had a wrap that was packed with veg and chicken, I would certainly order it!!.


One of our other staff members had a garden salad, all veg was fresh and inviting.


If you are looking for a authentic family restaurant who would greet you with a smile and feed you fresh ingredients , well you have to visit Winterton Family Restaurant!!

The food and the passion of the owners was evident. They were attentive to us and wanted to ensure we had a positive experience, the chef/owner came to the table and inquired if we had a good experience, we did, and the couple were charming.

High Points

  • Friendly
  • Authentic family
  • Fresh food
  • Inventive cooking
  • Delish!!

Low Points

  • A little dated but it was evident they were upgrading

Price Point

$$ out of $$$$$

Very Affordable at less than $ 20.00 per person


4 out of 5

























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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