EVOO in the Courtyard 313-315 Water Street, St. John’s, NL


Love this picture, in the reflection, you can see the beautiful lighting in the courtyard and the heaters on both sides of the door offering a warm and inviting welcome. (and of course you can see me!! LOL)


When I think about the new restaurant in the courtyard at the Murray Premises, I think quaint, inviting, relaxing but especially “rustic chic”. This historic building is simply beautiful , the stone work and exposed beams are awe inspiring and adds to the character of the restaurant.  The lighting, music, and table settings helped set the tone for a wonderful dining experience.


The relaxed atmosphere helped dispel the sometimes pretentious impression that comes with an upscale restaurant.The friendly server quickly showed us to our seats (where we could see the wood fire oven through a window, loved that).


The menu (Mediterranean inspired)  is not huge but certainly enough. I am not always a fan of a large menu. There was plenty of choices to choose from, especially the pizza, (my son and wife tried the pizza and loved it, my daughter ordered the EVOO Burger). I ordered the Lasagna and Caesar Salad.


The Lasagna was delicious, layers of house made pasta sheets, creamy béchamel and ricotta, classic spinach, and the meat sauce so rich and flavorful. I savoured every morsel of goodness, it was not a dish to be rushed. The Caesar Salad was outrageous, and I mean that in a good way. Served as a whole portion (not chopped) it was one of the best Caesar Salads I have ever tasted. There was just the right amount of dressing, nice and tangy, there was a great depth of flavor. The bacon, the dusting of parmesan cheese, all blended for one wicked salad.

High Points

  • Perfect setting for a casual or upscale dining experience
  • Welcoming Façade (loved the use of outdoor heaters , the flames were very inviting)
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Engaging Chef (thanks Chef Chris)
  • Beautiful Room
  • Made to order plates that were awesome


Low Points

There were no low points during our visit to EVOO, just a wonderful place to relax and enjoy.


$$$ out of $$$$$


4 ½ out of 5

On another note, I visited a week later for lunch, I had the Minestrone Soup, it is a must have. The tomato broth was flavorful and the addition of the pancetta and beans made for a very tasty experience, (The pancetta was the star of the dish!!).




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