Geddy’s, 19 Main Street, Bar Harbor, Maine

2015-10-28 14.41.54

I love visiting places that give you a positive vibe, a place that just as soon as you enter you know you are going to love it. That is a bold conclusion to make before I am even greeted, but Geddy’s , in Bar Harbor Maine did just that. For an establishment to be around for over 40 years they must be doing something right, and in my opinion they are! The place is decorated with licence plates, retro signs and various memorabilia that helped give the room a rustic feel. It was certainly clean and inviting. Once seated I had the opportunity to look around and soak in the surroundings. We visited during the shoulder season (October) so the tourist season was winding down but there was still a decent flow of patrons around. I can only imagine the hustle and bustle that takes place during high season.


2015-10-28 13.20.09

The menu was interesting with “catchy” names for most of their offerings. Of course being in costal Maine there was plenty of options from the sea with Lobster being one of the rock stars but there is something for everyone including a large section dedicated to pizza. (if I had the time I would have tried one as they looked delish!) I have to admit I was particularly happy with the seating arrangements as I could see the open kitchen area.

Our time was limited and as a result I selected something simple but fun to eat.

Lil Guppies

2015-10-28 13.58.31

Ok, at first I was not sure how appetizing the name Lil Guppies was, but it did get my attention. They were tasty pieces of white fish, nice and firm with a crispy outer layer. The dipping sauce was flavorful and a nice accompaniment to the appetizer.

Geddy’s Beef Chili

2015-10-28 14.03.26

After my fish I was looking for a deeper and more complex flavor but not too filling. I selected Geddy’s Beef Chili, well, I was not disappointed, it was rich and had plenty depth of flavor, the jalapeño and onion really enhanced the bowl of goodness. Have you ever tasted a food that is deep with flavor but zesty and tangy, a food that makes you salivate when you talk about it? Well this is a chili for you!!

After finishing both offerings my appetite was satisfied and I was ready to explore the pretty town of Bar Harbor.

High Points

  • Server polite and friendly
  • Clean and creative surroundings
  • Loved the layout
  • Gift store in the basement was a added surprise (a good one)
  • Wait time for the food was acceptable
  • Food was delish

Low Points

  • During this visit there were none, it was a positive experience


$$$ out of $$$$$


4.5 out of 5 for lunch service






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