Moma Soulas Restaurant , St.John’s NL

Moma Soulas Restaurant
411 Torbay Rd, St. John’s NL

My family and I were in St. John’s to watch our son’s soccer game, generally after his games Kaegan is famished, and we usually take care of this with fast food that he can eat as we drive home; not this time, we took our first trip to Moma Soulas. I have been wanting to visit this place for a long time as I have heard good things about the restaurant. Firstly, we did not have a reservation but the hostess was nice enough to find us a table. The décor and setting was very nice, the server was swift and courteous and I did appreciate that it was very family friendly.

As I wrote before, my son gets hungry after a soccer game so he loved the bread that was served before the meal. My family ordered a pizza with different toppings on each half as my wife did not want what the kids wanted, from all reports it was a delicious pizza.


I tried the Lasagna with Caesar Salad on the side, the salad was a basic Caesar but delish, nice, and refreshing. The Lasagna was flavorful, plenty of cheese and pasta, I was glad I tried it as it is my “comfort food” did I ever mention I LOVE PASTA!!, but will opt for more of the Greek offerings on the menu next time.

Moma 3

Moma Soulas is a restaurant that screams family, I felt at home there, the server was charming and knowledgeable. The ambiance relaxing and familiar, simply a place I could see myself visiting many times in the future.

High Points

  • Family Atmosphere
  • Friendly
  • Clean
  • Accommodating
  • Tasty

Low Points

  • I had no low points

Price (Dinner) $$$  Points 4 out of 5


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