Oliver’s Restaurant 160 Water St, St John’s, NL

I love eating in St. John’s, breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, there is always a vast assortment of restaurants to pick from. When visiting the city I usually do not make specific plans for eating out as I like to depend on social media to guide my decision, let’s just say my review starts from the moment I post on twitter “Hey St. John’s, where is a great place to have brunch tomorrow?” Once asked, I await for some recommendations to come from my twitter friends (which I value) as well as restaurants who are dialed in. I did not have to wait very long to get some posts in reply, of course it is impossible to visit them all so into the bucket list most go. After a little research and communication it was decided to take my family (on my wife Lisa’s Birthday) to Oliver’s Restaurant, on 120 Water Street.

We were greeted by an energetic server who showed us to our seats in what I would call a small but charming space. The layout was inviting  and impressed my adolescent and teenage children (which is not a easy thing to do), my wife and I too liked the décor, it was welcoming with wine on display and the idea of integrating corks on top of the shelving was a conversation topic for us. As we perused the brunch menu there was something for everyone, I was impressed that most on the menu was house made.

My wife Lisa had French Toast stuffed with bacon and blueberry custard, it was a huge serving and she loved it and wondered if the recipe was a secret or not!

Bacon Stuffed French Toast with Blueberry Custard

Bacon Stuffed French Toast with Blueberry Custard

I had the Goat Cheese Eggs Benedict, the presentation was inviting and it seems that all portions at Oliver’s is huge. The eggs, poached soft were perfect, as I cut through the yolk it cascaded down over the tomato, muffin and goat cheese it was delicious. There was a mixture of red onion and a hint of balsamic that connected the flavor (not to mention the house made hollandaise).

Goat Cheese Eggs Benedict

Goat Cheese Eggs Benedict

The cozy vibe and the friendly service made our experience enjoyable and well worth visiting again. The connection to social media and aftercare of the owner has to be commended and it was appreciated.

The next time you are in St. John’s and you are looking for a new experience or a re-acquaintance you need to visit Oliver’s Restaurant

High Points

  • Friendly and accommodating Server
  • Relaxed and modern setting
  • No MSG in our menu items(wife allergic)
  • Prompt and delicious

Low Points

Small space and got a little loud as the tables filled (not too loud)

Price (Brunch) $$$


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