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I just posted part of my food blog on my Delaney’s Rant blog regarding how pleased I was that Wing n It has set up in Bay Roberts. Below is the full blog including my critique of my first visit during lunch service.

Last March(2012) I visited my first Wing n it while visiting Gander, as a result, I wrote a positive food blog about my experience. While writing my post I couldn’t help but feel envious of the people of Gander for having this type of restaurant. Little did I know that only a year later, Bay Roberts would have their very own Wing n It!

For those of you who are not familiar with Wing n It, it is a restaurant primarily dedicated to wings, 93 flavors to be exact!! If you are a wing nut this is a great place to visit .The restaurant has now been open a few weeks and has held its own in the competitive market here in Bay Roberts. We have various eating establishments that are all worth the visit, but the addition of another sit down restaurant that serves great pub food fills a void that was only taken care of by Jungle Jim’s and Scrunchions (in season) in my opinion. Having a selection of restaurants, especially those that can make your meal into an evening out is great for a region who does like to eat out often.

Wing in It Bay Roberts has a relaxing atmosphere and has a vibe that I like. I did appreciate that the owner renovated the building and gave it the “Wing n it” brand. It was very nice to see that they placed the town’s coat of arms on the wall with our new slogan.

A great addition to the restaurant!

A great addition to the restaurant!

The addition of the bar area and the TV monitors placed strategically around the bar shows great attention to detail and would indeed lure the patron to linger.


My first food experience in Wing n it Bay Roberts

I visited during the first week the restaurant opened so I do leave a margin for learning/error during this time. As stated above, the restaurant had its own feel which was welcomed. The server greeted politely and I was shown to a table to wait for the three colleagues who were to join me. I ordered the deep fried dill pickles while I was waiting as I was looking forward to them since I heard the restaurantwas going to open. I was hoping they were like the ones I had in Gander and not like the ones I had in St. John’s a few weeks before.  I was not disappointed, they were crispy, firm (not over done) and very flavorful. One suggestion is that I would not order them for an individual appetizer as they can be filling and very rich.

The sampler is a good way to go to try four flavors .

The sampler is a good way to go to try four flavors .

The Wings

We split the wing order between two persons each and ordered the sampler. The server had the task to come back and inform us that she had placed the order for boneless wings instead of the regular, which was a minor annoyance but it was the first week open. The order came quickly to the table and the flavor of the wings were very tasty and distinctive. The wings that I especially liked were the Amelia Earhart (honey garlic and roasted red pepper seasoning) The Red Barron (BBQ and Mac 3 sauce) they were tangy with a little kick for my taste buds.  The wing flavor that I liked the most was the Sweet Baby Gezuz (Honey garlic and Kamikaze which is 5 stars) Firstly I loved the name and secondly I wanted to test my heat tolerance based on the restaurants star/heat rating.  It was a nice slow building hot that mostly came after the wing was finished, this time I survived the heat!.
The preparation of the wing, the crispiness, juiciness paired with the overall flavor made the first visit a good one (even if they were boneless wings)

High Points

  • Fantastic location
  • Great renovation to a relatively new space
  • Server was prompt, pleasant and informed about the product (even if she did make a small mistake)
  • Fast, food to the table (will be an asset for those who need to get in and out quick during lunch)
  • Appetizer and wings were very well done.
  • Lunch menu was very affordable

Low Points

  • Website is down and it is difficult to find a menu on line (this would be helpful for those who wish to get use to the menu as it could be intimidating to first timers)
  • During the time I was there someone came in for a take-out menu but was told they had none yet so the person left ( a photocopy could of taken care of this issue)
  • As in most restaurants of this nature, the company could not guarantee the wings would not become in contact with MSG. as a result, Wing n it is out for a family destination as my wife is allergic. (a recommendation would be to have a fryer dedicated to wings only so that those with allergies would be assured no contamination would occur, this could bring extra patrons!!)

I could not find a on line menu currently from the website, but to help those who are looking, here is a snap shot of it, pardon the resolution I hope it helps.


2 thoughts on “Wing n It Bay Roberts

  1. I just copied this comment from my facebook page, three points from Greg Noel:

    Greg Noel Well written. I like wing-in-it’s atmosphere and concept but my only complaints are:

    1) that a restaurant that specializes in wings should use their own sauce rather than the generic sauces a dozen other establishments use (usually for cheaper)

    2) that they claim to have 93 flavours when they really only have about 8 sauces and a half dozen dry spice but you can mix and match their flavors to create other flavours. Taking a generic BBQ sauce and mixing it with a generic Honey garlic sauce is not really a new flavour. You could ask the staff at jungle jims to do the same if you really wanted to. That said a lot of wing places use this method to expand their flavour list. But they use their own sauces, and also throw in unique flavours such as pizza sauce, alfredo sauce, and some places even use chocolate.

    3) limited non-wing options. You know I`m a wing nut having eaten wings at over 100 places across Canada, but some people aren`t into them as much. So when getting a group of people together, if one or two aren`t wing lovers, then the group is going somewhere with more options. I`ve actually been part of conversations where 4-5 of us are deciding where to go and someone pipes up and says `not wingin it` fot that very reason.

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