Beach Food, Salmon Cove Style!!

Well the summer has basically come and gone and my 2 month hiatus from blogging is over. That did not mean I stopped visiting restaurants, it just meant I did not have a great deal of time to write.  NOW I am full of vim and vigor and ready to tell you about all the wonderful places I have visited and foods that were eaten this summer; from Salmon Cove Newfoundland to Orlando and St. Pete Beach Florida.

During this blog post I thought I would write about a small canteen located on Salmon Cove Sands (Beach).  My family and I took a day off to celebrate one of the last days of summer before the kids and my wife headed back to school. They made previous visits to the beach during the summer, and raved about “Aunt Edna’s” homemade fries and how nice the beach was. So when the opportunity arose we planned the trip (only 30-35 minute drive from Bay Roberts).

The beach was clean, equipped with a beach volleyball court and a nice safe place for the children to play in a brook of fresh water that led to the sea. The relaxing lasted for about an hour or so, until the wind came up a little. This was the perfect opportunity to visit “Sea Breeze Snacks”.

Lisa, Maggie and Kaegan show off their fries (Maggie had the poutine and loved it!!)

The building was small but sufficient for taking out some fries or a hotdog, the menu was what one would expect for a canteen on the beach. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Poutine and Home cut fries.  I do not mean hand cut by a machine, I mean by  ladies who spend a great deal of time cutting them with a knife, all the fries were cut differently and added a specific charm to the snack. They were twice fried to ensure their crispiness , I had gravy on mine (yum for powdered) the portion was large and the server was friendly, all adding to the experience.

I had to try the gravy, the powdered variety, but was good!! The fries were da wicked!!

There is a $5.00 per car fee (well worth it) I recommend you  find a nice place on the beach to relax, visit Sea Breeze Snacks  and enjoy our Newfoundland and Labrador summer.

High Points

  • Clean
  • Friendly
  • Authentic Homemade

Low Points

  • No real low points for a beach canteen who in my opinion are doing a great job providing this service.

If you are looking for a nice place to relax for the day with your family and do not want to plan a picnic then this is the place to come.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!!


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