Bacalao – Nouvelle Newfoundland Cuisine

Bacalao – Nouvelle Newfoundland Cuisine
65 Lemarchant Road
St. John’s, Newfoundland


Who says technology doesn’t work? I was finishing up an appointment down town St. John’s a couple weeks ago and was feeling a lil hungry, so instead of grabbing a burger, I decided to use twitter and ask where I should eat in the city. It was only a matter of moments before the tweets started to come in with interesting suggestions (all of which I will visit).  So with my new tips I started on my journey, but there was one thing I forgot, down town St. John’s at noon can be very congested. After driving for some time, circling the same restaurants I became disheartened and decided to leave. After making the decision to leave without lunch and starting on my way home I received another tweet.  This time it was @bacalaocusine (Bacalao), the tweet gave me a mouth-watering suggestion of “Seal Flipper Pie”!!. I responded back stating that I left downtown because of no parking, forgetting they were on Lemarchant Road. The tweet responded that they have their own free parking in the rear, so with time on my side I made for my first visit to Bacalao.

(Please note that this is a review of a light lunch)

It was lunch so I only wanted a few samples of their food so opted for some lighter fare.  The Bacalao Fritters were a pleasant surprise, very light in texture but packed with flavor.  The salt cod and potatoes ratio was on the mark and blended well with the Newfoundland savory.

Bacalao Fritters


After a pleasant chat with the server the second course was presented. It was the Seal Flipper Pie, the dish that peaked my interest and helped me make the decision to turn around and visit. I was not disappointed at all; it was an appetizer size (which was good) that packed plenty of flavors, some of which I expected but the hint of cinnamon accented the seal perfectly. Both plates were presented very well and added to the WOW factor. Thank you to Chef Andrea who took the time to tweet me and to visit my table and discuss the preparation of the seal flipper pie.

Seal Flipper Pie!!!


 The serving size was just right for lunch or if you are visiting the province and you are seeking some authentic provincial food this would be a good choice.

I have a few other observations regarding Bacalao, dealing with ambiance and service.


The restaurant is located in an older style house which makes the venue appealing; it sets the stage for a more intimate evening or a quiet place to have a lunch meeting. Hats off for the promotion of local art in the rooms, if gave the rooms a further sense of class and it was nice to know they support “local” in more ways than one.


In my opinion a dining experience is determined firstly by the service a person receives, it sets the tone for the event. If you have a knowledgeable and courteous server, that person will put a pleasant taste to the meal before the bread hits the table. A pretentious and detached person will put a sour taste in your mouth. I am happy to write that I had a most pleasant experience with the server (who had family connections in Bay Roberts) .

High Points

  • ·         Great communication
  • ·         Plenty of parking
  • ·         Staff enthusiastic and very pleasant
  • ·         Food was inventive and great depth of flavor

Put this restaurant on your bucket list for a visit as it will take you on a culinary journey, visit to chart your course!!


One thought on “Bacalao – Nouvelle Newfoundland Cuisine

  1. Stumbled upon your blog looking for restaurants in Newfoundland. Nice blog!

    May I ask what food or restaurant best represents Newfoundland and is a “must try” for a foodie who will be going stopping in for a visit?

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