Last year while traveling the “Baccalieu Trail” we happened upon “Growdat Farms” a hidden gem in our region. We picked up some jam and strawberries, Kaegan and Maggie played with the dog and then we were on our way. The farm left an impression with me as it offered an eclectic array of vegetables and annuals. I have kept them on the radar on Facebook, awaiting their opening in 2012. I had the opportunity this weekend to take my son and Father with me for a drive, destination? GROWDAT FARMS! Three generations headed it across the “Hearts Content Barrens” in search of this year’s farm offerings. I knew it would be too early for many of the vegetables, but I was curious as to what was available.

The visit

It was a chilly Saturday, but better than snow, I knew there was greenhouses and also knew that May was good to the growers in our area so there would be plenty to see. I was not disappointed; the greenhouse was stocked with annuals and vegetables plants for potting at home. If you ever wanted to try to grow chillies, peppers, or  bok choy, this is the place to come and explore. I was particularly impressed with the yellow cherry tomato plants and the green and red peppers plants.

I was so impressed we bought those mentioned above!! My son Kaegan was very impressed with our collection of starter plants.

Kaegan and our starter plants









I am a pepper junkie, I love fresh peppers and chillies, now we have our own including jalapenos!!

Bring on the heat!!!





There was also a vast array of annuals available for planting for those with a green thumb.

Plenty of plants to “pick” from

Visiting a farm is always exciting to me, especially if I can find starter plants for my deck garden. But the opportunity to spend the day with my son and father made the day very special as we do not get to travel and spend time together often.

Kaegan and Ron Sr.









Thank you to GROWDAT FARMS, it was a nice trip and a cool day.

If you have a place that my family and I can visit in Eastern Newfoundland, please message me and we will do our best to visit and blog about you. We as Newfoundlander and Labradorians have an amazing story to tell and I want to help tell it!!


8 thoughts on “GROWDAT FARMS

  1. The address for the farm is a little difficult. New Harbour Barrens, when you come to the first intersection in New Harbour, take a left towards Hearts desire, travel one km and you will see dirsction signs on the right that leads you to a rocky road follow it and you will be there.
    I hope this helps.

    • You’ve got your “Barren” mixed up, Ron ! If you’re traveling the New Harbour/Tilton Barrens Highway, you take a Right when you get to Trinity Bay. Go through the towns of Greens Hr….. Hearts Desire. Growdat is between Hearts Desire and Hearts Content. From the Carbonear/Victoria Highway you take a left at the intersection just as you enter Hts Content. From there it’s just a km or so to Growdat’s dirt driveway to the sky !

      • You are right!!! I meant the Hearts Content Barrens.Thank you for clearing this up!!

  2. I have been to Growdat Farms my daughter and her husband own it they are a great couple. When I was there the vegetables were just ready and it was wonderful to see all the fresh veges and beautiful colors. Please make sure you travel back around the end of august first part of September.

  3. Just bought & ate some fresh spinach & lettuce from Growdat farms. Delicious and tender. I also got 2 planters from the farm that look amazing at my door. I am visiting from Ontario and have known the owners & operators of Growdat for many years. They are great people and work very hard to provide local, organic produce. Good work Terry and Donna.

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