Wing’n It Gander

50 Roe Av, GANDER

Ok I admit it, I am a wing fanatic, I adore wings, especially when taken to another level. While in Gander I received a coupon for a restaurant that apparently specialized in all things wings. I being the curious type and a lover of wings knew that I had to visit.

The Introduction

I visited their website to get some background on the place and was pleasantly surprised by the design, functionality and menu.( A little more info and pictures of the Gander location might be nice).
With my curiosity peaked I headed over to 50 Roe Avenue.
I was greeted by a friendly server who seated me in a booth adjacent to bar, which was fine as this provided me the access to check out the room. It was clean and well maintained and reminiscent of a sports bar. The logo was in full view and part of the décor and enhanced the theme of the restaurant.


The Food   

I took a little time to look the menu over; for those who may think you can only purchase wings there please rest assure that there are ample options for everyone’s tastes.
My starter was fried dill pickles, I gave them a try and was not disappointed, very flavorful and the pickle kept its snap. The buttermilk and dill dressing was a fantastic accompaniment, you have to try them! My only recommendation is that if you came for the wings it might be a good idea to share them or keep some to take home as you get 6 large spears.

Da Wings

Selecting wings can be a hit or miss adventure; people have specific preferences, some like a dry wing, or saucy and some like them breaded. I like them medium size, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I ordered the sampler platter, which was 4 flavors, 4 out of 93 made it difficult to select what wings to try. Here is the link to the menu, this will give you a running start!our-menu (preparation is a good thing)


Deep Fried Dill Pickle Spears (they were amazing!!)

The verdict

When the wings arrived I had to just stare at them, I was impressed with the presentation and the aroma. It was obvious I was going to have wings to take back to the hotel and the serving was large (20 wings). I wanted to try the full spectrum of flavor as much as possible, sweet, smokey, and of course spicy. There was the right amount of sauce with the layering of the additional flavors, this worked well. The “Amelia Earhart” wings (honey garlic and roasted red pepper sauce) were especially good. Each flavor could be identified in the four wing selections, making it an interesting meal. The owners of the place paid close attention to service by having a roll of paper towels on each table because I needed it.


Amelia Earhart, Hornet,Air Wing and Fangs Out Wings

For a night out with the guys or a place to bring the family, Wing’n It Gander is worth visiting.

High Points

  • Quality and originality of the food was great
  • Clean and child friendly
  • Polite and helpful staff
  • Pricing was fair

Low Points

  • Temperature (visited on a cold day , when a patron would enter the cold also entered, making the temp inconsistent)

I give Wing’n It Gander a 8 1/2 out of 10

Looking forward to visiting Wing’n It St. John’s this weekend, I hope it can compare as I have tougher critics with me, my family.


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