China Garden – Shearstown Estuary

After deciding I wanted to take the leap and write a food blog primarily about food and restaurant’s in the Conception Bay North I was surprised by the selection of food that was available. There is no shortage of places to eat in our region, included in our selections are six Chinese establishments within a 20 minute drive. Some of these have been around since the 50’s but others have set up shop within the last few years. The newest establishment to open its doors about three years ago is China Garden. Nestled between the Shearstown Estuary and the Atlantic Ocean, China Garden is positioned between Bay Roberts and Spaniard’s Bay.

I must point out that this was not my first visit to this restaurant but I feel it deserves a review.

China Garden Restaurant

China Garden Restaurant

Although less crowded than the other Chinese Restaurants I was surprised by its calmness and soothing music. The décor was very inviting and authentic; the large room was divided into sections using glass dividers painted with an oriental theme. There was obvious attention to cleanliness and detail that I look for when I dine out. The music was not piped in content from a local radio station but music from (guess where?) – China.

The Food
The menu was quite large with a wide assortment of culinary treats for any Chinese food lover. Before my colleague and I decided on what we would have it is a tradition of our to start with the Hot and Sour Soup. In have eaten this amazing soup from coast to coast in Canada and I have to say that the China Garden Hot and Sour Soup is the best. When I ask Cathy about her husband’s soup I find out it is make in a Hong Kong style which certainly gives it a unique flavour. It has many layers of flavour for a soup that is made from scratch in literally minutes. The mushrooms and black fungus accompanied by mini shrimp, chilli’s and a sesame oil all help make in my opinion the best restaurant soup on the planet (My niece Abby has an amazing recipe too)

Hot & Sour Soup

Hot & Sour Soup

My colleague Ian and I decided to go with dishes instead of the “combos” as we enjoy the alternative food choices. We went with Hunan Beef, Mongolian Chicken and Curried Chicken and Vegetables.

The Hunan Beef was very tasty with a bit of a kick to it, if I was to recommend this dish to compliment the others I would suggest eating it last as it could take away from the other flavours.

Hunan Beef

Hunan Beef

Mongolian Chicken

Mongolian Chicken

Curried Chicken Vegetables

Curried Chicken Vegetables

The Mongolian Chicken was a change at the last minute as we did not want too much beef. Although the chicken was a little dry it did provide a new flavour into our experience. The Curried Chicken could have been a stand-alone dish with rice, it was flavourful and a dish I would order again.

The Verdict

When thinking about dining in Conception Bay North in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and you have a hankering for Chinese visit the China Garden in Spaniard’s Bay.
For point I give them a 8 out of 10.

High points – Sweet and Sour Soup, I challenge you to find better.
Improvements- Mongolian Chicken needed moist chicken with more sauce, I like a generous helping of sauce with Mongolian beef or chicken.

China Garden is yet another unknown gem in the culinary world of CBN.


4 thoughts on “China Garden – Shearstown Estuary

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I lived in Toronto’s Chinatown and find the hot and sour soup at China Garden better than any I have had at home. We love their Szechwan dishes, especially the tofu and pork dish. The Singapore noodles are a new favourite of ours.

  2. We feel the same – we have been going to China Garden for a few years now and love their hot and sour soup (I have found only one other restaurant in TO – Bayview Village that is same level). We also love the egg rolls (Cathy makes them herself) and best of all, we enjoy Joseph and Cathy’s friendliness and customer service!

    • Thanks for your comment, we need to go there with our spouses some time. I am looking forward to them returning from their holidays shortly!!

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