Bay Roberts Hotel and Klondyke Steakhouse

What a Transformation!!

I have been thinking about when is a good time to write a blog about the Bay Roberts Hotel and Steakhouse. Well I guess this is as a good time as any. My first comment is. What a transformation, the hotel is amazing, the Rowe family have kicked it up a notch , well X 10. When you remove all the old furniture and renovate the rooms to and increase the Canada Select Star rating to 3 ½ Stars it certainly shows pride of ownership and attention to the needs of the guest.

Klondyke Steakhouse

The hotel can now boast a high end restaurant! I have been waiting for this for a long time. There is plenty of places to eat in Bay Roberts and most are very tasty and some unique, but we were in need of an establishment to ensure all tastes in our region were satisfied. A huge wine list with a large knowledgeable staff is present to help in any way. Rod Delaney (no relation) the Food Service Manager and the resident wine guy, is the front line guy who will take care of your needs. I was very impressed that the owners made a decision to hire a person to take care of the patrons.

I have had the opportunity to visit the restaurant a few times over the past couple weeks; there is a full service menu with a vast array of dishes that would satisfy anyone’s tastes. My first visit was for lunch with some of my co-workers, I had the french onion soup to start, I was surprised by the edam cheese topping as it was the first time I have had it on french onion soup, I have tasted swiss, mozzarella or gruyere but not edam cheese , it was obvious the soup was made from scratch, very flavourful. I followed that by ordering the Baron of Beef with a jus dipping sauce. The serving was large for a lunch service but the taste and seasoning was well balanced.

During the dinner service I was with a group from across the province for a meeting, the ambiance was fantastic and the setting some on the placid coish was a site to behold. During the service it was interesting to listen to some at the table passing comments about the restaurant, all good. I started with the pan seared scallops, simply amazing, nice and hot and on time. The main was a Cajun chicken Fettuccine , I was impressed be the presentation and the robust taste with just enough kick to know it was Cajun.

My final comment is that the Klondyke Steakhouse is not just a steakhouse, it has many choices that are all made from scratch, I was assured by Chef Nightingale that there is no MSG ever used to his food. I was also informed that food can be prepared for any dietary need.

Not bad for a place that is only open a little over a month. I give the Klondyke Steakhouse 4 ½ stars out of 5.


12 thoughts on “Bay Roberts Hotel and Klondyke Steakhouse

  1. I have a sneaking suspicion the above reviewer is probably the owner to give this place such a rave review! Here’s my unbiased, no relations-to-the-owner experience of the Klondyke Steakhouse;

    -Calamari was cooked to perfection. Very small portioned however.

    -VERY expensive for the portions you get
    -The steak was nowhere near cooked as ordered.
    -Steaks were over cooked and very dry (We ordered Medium Rare and Medium Well)
    -Pickled beets DO NOT belong on a plate of steak at a supposed steakhouse!
    -Too long of a wait between courses for no apparent reason or explanation given.
    -Very small drink glasses (non alcohol)
    -Full sized and non-sliced warm buns would be nice rather than the thinly sliced, dried slivers of stake buns were we were served.
    -Steak knives ALREADY at the table would also be nice. Getting the steak knives AFTER the meals arrived made us feel as if the restaurant figured we’d steal the knives.

    Very, very disappointed. We will NOT be back at all. There’s absolutely no logical reason or sense to over-charge the way they do at this restaurant considering the extremely small portions you do get. The cuts of meat are certainly NOT high end grades.
    I cannot see this place lasting very long if they continue to offer such small portions and high prices. You’re paying “The Keg” prices for a meal of steak at a non-established so-called steakhouse that offers NOTHING anywhere near as one would expect from a steakhouse. In fact, you would get a better tasting, much less expensive steak cooked properly at Jungle Jim’s than you would at the Klondyke steakhouse.
    It’s very disappointing because we were looking forward to a fine dining establishment for a change of pace from the fast food joints, but unfortunately, this is a way over-priced run of the mill restaurant that cannot expect to operate unless they make major changes to both the presentation and preparation of the food items they send out to the tables.
    SUGGESTIONS TO THE OWNER: Get a proper Host or Hostess station at the front door. Do not sit at the bar drinking with your friend, Dress professionally and maybe a shirt and tie would be proper attire especially if you’re trying to portray professionalism.
    SUMMARY: I would say this is a pretentious restaurant trying to be a high end steak house, but unfortunately fall nowhere near it’s intended and expected purpose. We will NOT be back and if and when people ask us about our experience, we will certainly share what we experienced on our first and last visit to the Klondyke Steakhouse.

    • I have no affiliation to this establishment. If you look deeper, I write blogs about my experiences in food estabilshments accross Canada. I do like this place and the people who run it. They are not perfect but are presenting a wonderful option to the people of rural Newfoundland and Labrador. If the food was that upsetting it is best you talk to them directly as I am sure they would love to defend their food to you and not to a private food bolgger. My experience was amazing , if I had a problem I will go to them directly. I write my personal opioions on the food I eat and the experiences I have., I wish you well and hope for better experiences for you. Thanks so much for the comment. (but I do not work there)

  2. Well it’s not very often I say anything personal on Facebook, But today I got to Vent!
    Just went to the Klondyke Steakhouse in Bay Robert’s to make reservations for 8 for New Year’s eve Dinner. The menu looks great 5 course for 49.50 per person…Nice But out of our group of 8 there is my daughter who’s 9 and won’t eat 5 courses. I talked to the F&B manager and inquired about a kids menu…….Well no way no how, they’d sooner loose 7- 8 hundred dollars then to throw on a couple of chicken fingers. in all my 20 years of being in the food industry this is my first time encountering this type of service. It’s dinner not a dance or ball and dinner is shared with family. so dissappointed Klondyke…I won’t be back and i hope my FB friends who believe in family dinners follow suit!!

    • Hi Terri,

      Thank you so much for your comment!! I would recommend if you would contact the Klondyke Steakhouse directly for a personal response to your important and disapointing issue. Here is their site , there is a contact us tab to post questions or concerns.
      For me, New Years Eve is certainly about family and I can understand your concern.

      Thanks for the vent and hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

  3. We attended the Klondyke Steakhouse New Year’s Dinner and it was a wonderful experience. There was a bit of a delay at the beginning, but once things got underway, the meal went very smoothly. The staff were pleasant, the atmosphere was festive and cozy, and the live music added to the fine dining experience. I hope the New Year’s Eve Dinner at the Klondyke becomes an annual tradition.

  4. Hi Ron: Thanks for your kind words about the Klondyke Restaurant. Believe me we’re trying hard. Developing a new product or service requires constant effort and vigilance. It’s a long road and we don’t give up too easily. Indeed, we have many exciting upcoming plans to offer our local patrons and visitors this season.

    I do have a couple of thoughts for those who offered comments on our new restaurant as follows:

    1) The comments by Robert Bishop were perhaps a little mean-spirited but leaving that aside I am pleased he enjoyed the Calamari.

    2) I’m afraid the comment by Terri is somewhat misdirected. The problem of serving minors
    centers on our license restrictions. We are working hard get an exemption or modification of our current license for our hotel guests and restaurant patrons. It’s not easy but we’re doing our best.

    3) As for Carol Stringer I am so pleased she enjoyed her New Years Eve dinner at the Klondyke! Look forward to seeing you next year Carol, if not sooner I hope. It will be even better as we are planning a little dancing later in the evening and perhaps a fireworks display in partnership with the town council. What do you think Ron?

    Robert Rowe,

    Bay Roberts Hotel

    • I would love that too Scott. I just reviewed the Restaurant, I am not connected with them. But thanks for reading!!

  5. Ron I follow you comments on a regular basis and I have to agree with you on the Klondyke Steakhouse. We are regular customers there and have been ever since it opened. We have had only one minor disappointment that is not worthy of comment here. Overall I would give them 4 1/2 stars out of 5. I love the ambiance and the wonderful views thru all the windows overlooking Bay Roberts. The food has always been cooked to our expectations and the portions are just about perfect. . . sometimes a little more than we can consume. The staff are wonderful and efficient at all times. Running a restaurant is not a mechanical science but sometimes things will go wrong and that is expected to happen. I have been running a small restaurant for 20 years and everything that could go wrong at the wrong time (has). You learn to deal with it, and as a customer at another establishment, I can understand and appreciate when this happens. If a customer is not happy with their meal or service they need to speak to management at that time. I do not recommend airing dissatisfaction with either the food or service publicly. For every negative there is probably 20 positives and they are wondering what you are talking about. We recommend the Klondyke to our customers and tourists who are looking for a fine dining experience and not one has come back to say they were disappointed with the recommendation.

  6. Hi Joan!
    Thank you for your comments regarding the Klondyke Steakhouse. as we all say, nobodys perfect, but the gang at the Steakhouse are doing a great job in my opinion.
    By the way I am a fan of your tweets and happy to hear that you are open for the season again, I will be up for a visit!!

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